Viewsound - Wave Power v2.1 (Pc)

Wave Power is a real-time sound processing application for the PC.
Try it out if you want to use your PC to do real-time processing of audio signals, or if you want to do complex sound processing in a simple environment - it has twenty two different types of signal processing component that you can connect up in an easy to follow chart or block diagram. Here are some of the things that Wave Power can do:

- It can create, modify and mix many types of sound in many ways.

- Also displays waveform and frequency spectrum.

- Takes input from your soundcard and wav files, as well as Wave Power's own signal generator.

- Sends output to your soundcard and wav files.

- Does everything in real time, giving you instant feedback on whatever you do (subject to latency of soundcard).

Control of modifications:

Timing: Any modification can be timed to last for any specified duration and to be repeated in a loop any number of times. As a simple example, a loudness control could be set to maximum volume for five seconds, half volume for a further two seconds and then switched off.

Combining: While the 'combine' feature is set to 'on', any new modification will be combined together (treated as a single modification). Therefore, when you click the 'Back' or 'Forward button, these combined modifications will be done together, instead of separately as they would normally be done.

Pause: When this feature is set to 'on', the execution of any subsequent modifications is paused, although these modifications are drawn on the chart as usual. Use this feature if you want to over-ride the normal real-time execution of modifications in Wave Power, in other words if you do not want some modification to be executed immediately. They can then be executed at any time by resetting the Pause feature to "off" again.

Back and Forward: Wave Power allows you to go back through any modifications made to the chart and forward through them again.

Price: 90 dollar (To expensive, me thinks)