Wusikstation v3.0.4 (Pc)

List of changes for V3.0.4:

* Unison selector changed to Menu syle. (avoids some internal problems)
* Unison better code. When selecting a value, the sound won't start with a loud attack. Unless you set Retrigger ON. Mind you that the Unison effect only works best with Looped material.
* Added Retrig option to the Wavesequencer. When > 0, it will Retrigger the waveform.
* Added SmpStart: Sample Start to the Wavesequencer.
* Added Beat Shft to the Wavesequencer. This is to allow direct Drum Recycling. You can load a Drum-Loop, and use this option to ReCycle it inside the Wavesequencers.
* The 2 new Wavesequencer options above are to be used with the Retrigger option, as its changes don't affect until you Retrigger the Waveform. This also adds the option to create LoFi Granular and TimeStrech effects.
* Non Looped WAV files will display correctly now.
* When saving a Preset, the name will be displayed on the GUI and it will also refresh the FileBrowser.
* Retrigger will now force the Envelope to ReStart on NoteOn/Off.
* New Mod Matrix Option: Vector Morphing X/Y Pad. This is separated from the main X/Y Pad, so you can use both.
* The Vector Morphing can be seen at the X/Y Pad, as a grey line under the original X/Y cross. You can re-start it by clicking with the mouse, mid-click also works.
* Mid-Click will now act as Fine-Changing for almost all parameters, including Wavesequencer Editing. Making it easier for most tasks. This setting is always Vertical, even for objects that works on the Vertical. Its a limitation of the new code.
* Added: Mod Matrix Sum Options: Multiply, Merge and Substract.
* Added: Wavesequencer Speed option: BPM or HZ.
* Added: Wavesequencer xFade Envelope Types.
* Added: LFO new Speed option: BPM or HZ.
* New WSeq Editor Init code. When selecting a new Lane, it will only Init it if all steps have the same value.
* ToolTips.txt file moved to the "Configurations" folder.
* New "Set Default" options. Before, it saved everything at once, now it asks Yes and No for each section: Midi-Learn, Configurations, Default-Preset and a new option called Default Values.
* Double Mid-Click will set the parameter to its Default-Value as stated by the "Set Default" option from the Configuration window. It reads a file under "Configurations" called "Default Values.txt" Note that Ctrl+Click will still Center the current parameter. Only Double Mid-Click will call the actual Default-Value.
* Fixed VU meters on Mixer page. Since Insert-FX was added, they were not showing correctly. Fixed now.
* The option Remember Path was renamed to Sticky Path, as it makes more sense. Also, now it will remember the following paths: Sounds, Presets, TUN and FXs.
* FileBrowser Bug fixed. Sometimes, when selecting a layer or preset, it wouldn't show the current loaded file for that section.

Notice that now, due to a new code, the ModMatrix will always be sorted by DESTINATION-CODE. This saves A LOT of CPU usage with the new code.

Added some new presets to the "Beta V3 Presets" directory:

- Vector Morphing 01 (use ModWheel)
- Vector Morphing 02 (use ModWheel)
- Granular LoFi 01
- Granular LoFi 02
- Granular LoFi 03
- Granular LoFi 04
- Granular Drum Loop 01
- Granular Drum Loop 02 - Beat Shifted
- Other examples ...

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