YMCK - Magical 8bit Plug (Pc/Mac/Free)

Magical 8bit Plug is a plug-in style software-synthesizer for producing primitive electronic sounds like the old 8bit game consoles. In Macintosh environment, it runs with AU (Audio Units)-supporting applications: ex. Logic, Digital Performer, Garageband. In Windows environment it runs with VSTi supporting applications: ex. Cubase. Most of the software/hardware synthesizers include the most primitive waveform: square wave and pulse wave. But almost none of them include the pseudo-triangle or the low-resolution noise that will most characterize the 8bit sound's unique taste. Magical 8bit Plug will help you producing the old 8bit sounds by providing those unique waveforms.

* Includes 5 waveforms (square, pulse (2 kinds), pseudo-triangle, low-resolution noise)
* ADSR envelope assignment for volume
* Supports pitch bending, bend range variable
* Frequency sweep function

square The most primitive digital waveform made by only low/high of the voltage.
25%pulse, 12.5%pulse Also primitive waveforms made by only low/high's.
But the time ratio of low's and high's are different:
1:3 for 25%pulse, 1:7 for 12.5%pulse
triangle The pseudo-triangle waveform. Includes lots of anti-aliasing noise due to the low control resolution of 8bit machines.
noise The low-resolution noise. A kind of white noise, but much more rougher than ordinary white noise because of the low control resolution of 8bit machines.

Main specifications

waveform selection
5 waveforms
(square, pulse(2 kinds), pseudo-triangle, low-resolution noise)
envelope setting ADSR(Attack, Decay, Sustain Level, Release)
control correspondence Velocity (0-127), pitchbend (±1-±12)
frequency sweep setting Negative/Positive switch, Sweep time setting
number of voices 32 sounds (maximum)

Operation environment
Mac OS X hardware Macintosh that operates following OS and host application.

Mac OSX (A detailed version check is unfinished. 10.3.7 confirmed)
application Mac OSX application that supports Audio Units plug-in (example: Logic, Digital Performer, and Garageband).
Windows hardware Windows PC that operates following OS and host application.

Windows (A detailed version check is unfinished. Windows2000 and Windows XP operation was reported.)
application Windows application that supports VSTi (example: Cubase).