Blue Cat Audio - Stereo Phaser v2.0 (Pc)

This plug-in is the stereo version of the original analog-style Phaser effect. With this one it's now possible to obtain a stereo phasing effect with a single parameter that controls it.

From mono to wide stereo phasing, the transition is smooth and continuous: it's fully automatable and easy to control. The effect has been modeled after the same kind of vintage circuits as the original Phaser which offered a stereo capability.

Like the mono version, this plug-in supports MIDI control and Blue Cat's Skinning Language to give you total control over the sound.
Price: 19 EUR 17.1 EUR (-10%) or $22.8 $20.52 (-10%) .

Main Features

* Multi-stage analog-style stereo phaser effect.
* Up to 32 phasing stages.
* Very simple stereo setting.
* Real time MIDI control with advanced settings (MIDI channel and CC numbers, with complete response curve control) and MIDI learn.
* Native DSP code for optimal performance.
* Skinnable user interface.
* DirectX and VST plug-in formats support.
* Smooth Update: silent (zipper-free) parameters update.
* Full automation support (all parameters can be automated, with smooth and continuous update)
* Any sample rate supported.

System Requirements

* Windows 2000 or XP.
* For the DirectX version, DirectX 8.0 at least is required. You can download it from Microsoft's website: (not necessary for Windows XP users)

Versions History

* Brand new skinnable graphic user interface using Blue Cat's skinning language v1.2.2.
* Advanced MIDI control with customizable parameters curve response and MIDI learn.
* All parameters can now be fine tuned thanks to a text-edit popup window that appears when double clicking on user interface widgets.
* User Manual accessible from plug-in UI.
* Warning: because it now supports MIDI events, the DirectX plug-in may appear in the "Synth" or "DXi" category instead of "effects" in some hosts (such as Cakewalk Sonar). If it does not appear in you host, you might want to use our DXi Manager to de-activate MIDI features.
* Warning: this new version breaks the presets compatibility, and is thus installed as a new plug-in. If you have a previous version installed and do not want to keep it, just uninstall it manually.