Cycling '74 - Max/MSP v4.6.2 (Pc/Mac/Universal)

Max, a graphical programming environment for music and media applications, allows its users to schedule events with millisecond accuracy, create complex mappings for incoming data, and run a large number of operations in parallel. In essence, it is a graphic tool to create programs by wiring together objects. MSP extends Max’s capabilities by incorporating audio objects that are connected to create audio patches where signals flow from one object to the next—not unlike the fundamental concept of the modular synthesizer. Jitter is a collection of video, matrix, and 3D graphics objects for Max.


* Fixed problem where saving a prototype deleted all the existing prototypes.
* Fix for deadlock or crashing problems when freeing objects in complex patches.
* (Windows) Fixed problem where shutting down Windows XP while max was running would not give the user a chance to save their work.
* (Windows) Patcher windows are now updated while dialogs (such as File Open and File Save) are open and moved over a patcher.
* Random number generator now works properly for negative seeds.
* (Windows) Max now disables the Windows XP "window animation" while max is running. This prevents 250ms glitches in scheduler and audio while minimizing and maximizing windows. If you prefer the animation to the glitches, you can disable this by sending max the message "disablewindowanimation 0". To do this, type the following in a message box, ";max disablewindowanimation 0" and click on it. This setting will persists across launches.
* (Windows) Building Collectives and Applications now defaults to a more reasonable name. For example, instead of "foo.pat.mxf" it will default to "foo.mxf".
* (Windows) Standalone applications with an extra dot in their name (e.g. "my.application.exe") no longer crash on startup.
* pattr: Fix for crash when CFM pattr version was loaded from an old collective.
* seq: Fixed problems with reading and writing MIDI files on Intel Macs.
* freqshift~: Fixed Intel Mac problem.
* vst~: Fix for crash when loading many plug-ins in rapid succession.
* zl: Fixed string sorting in zl sort on Intel Macs.
* opened: This unsupported object now works properly on Intel Macs.
* vst~: (Windows) queue is now serviced and UI painting updated while mouse is down in UI of certain VST plugs that were looping during mouse down. If this fix causes problems for any plugs it can be disabled via the "disableidlepump 1" message to vst~.

Price: $495.00