DUY MagicEQ LE: now for RTAS, Audio Units, VST and MAS (Mac)

From the homepage:
DUY's popular MagicEQ plug-in, an amazing automatic equalizer based on DUY's new revolutionary technology, is now also available for RTAS, Audio Units, MAS and VST. DUY MagicEQ LE retails for 199 EUR, and you can install all 4 platforms on your system.

DUY also offers a special package that includes the breathtaking Magic Spectrum and the MagicEQ LE plug-ins for only 350 EUR. These tools will give you the power to control your mastering with simplicity and, at the same time, great precision!. Try out the demos. You'll be amazed!!

MagicEQ is a mastering tool, based on a new equalization concept that can be resumed in 4 words: Statistically-Adaptative Automatic Equalization. Available for TDM systems running OSX.

To use DUY MagicEQ, you should insert the plug-in, play your music and click on the LEARN button. This will begin a process of analising your music, which will result in an auto-equalization of your song. You can still modify many parameters after the EQ'ing has magically taken place.

With a previously unknown precision and processing complexity, DUY MagicEQ is a new high quality software plug-in for TDM OSX systems. It is not a standard EQ. To understand how it works, read the lines below, as well as the explanation on the "Technology" used. However, the best is for you to try the demo to find out the amazing power of DUY MagicEQ.

MagicEQ will not equalize in the same way any musical piece of audio. Or, in other words, depending on the music we're processing, the type of equalization calculated by MagicEQ will vary completely. This is one of the main features that makes DUY MagicEQ so different from classic EQs.

Once MagicEQ has run through the song and analysed it, the engineer will simply have to decide how he would like MagicEQ to finish the equalization of his mix, by tweaking a few buttons. MagicEQ will do the rest. Of course, MagicEQ will not make decisions in the name of the engineer, but it will certainly do the "dirty job" of having to move thousands of faders up and down.

MagicEQ lets the engineer's mind free from the usual troubles in traditional mixing and mastering, such as lack of precision and errors in the mixes, due to inconsistencies or monitoring and room non-linearities, acoustic resonances, certain equipment's undesired effects, differences in the sound levels, or simply due to human hearing fatigue.

If a mix is already very good, MagicEQ will make it sound even better. But if the mix has any deficiencies, MagicEQ will thin them out and will correct them automatically.

Price: 199 Euro