Fluqe - OnStage (Mac/Universal)

What is OnStage?
This nifty little Application take the stress out of your live performance.

With OnStage running seamlessly alongside Apple's leading studio application, Logic Pro® is transformed into a powerful performance tool.

How does it do that then?

Onstage enables the user to assign a unique Midi Program Change message to 20 different Logic Pro Projects. This allows the performer to recall each Project, or song in a set-list, via an 'OnStage' Midi control message.

A Midi which-what?

When OnStage receives a Program Change message, sent by any standard Midi hardware, the current Logic Pro® Project is closed and the Project assigned to the received Program Change number is loaded.

Transform your Environment

OnStage essentially provides a selection of recallable studio set-ups, transforming your Logic Pro® Environment into a powerful Midi patchbay.
Create a unique set of connections from your incoming Midi ports for every song in your set.
Port 1 might be mapped to your EXS24 sampler for the openning number, while it routes to your EVP-88 plug-in via a pitch change transformer for the second.

Instruments and Effects

A collection of recallable Projects allows for a unique set of virtual intstruments and effects for each song in a performer's set-list.

You could program a different compression and delay setting on your favourite EXS piano for each song. If you really wanted to!!

OnStage cost only $24.95 USD
for a single user licence!