Gradywerks - MPG64-R (Pc)

The MPG64-R is the sister program of the MPG64-A and is geared for creating drum patterns. It is similar to the old MPG Drum Machine, with many new features derived from the MPG64-A. Some features include the ability to play in midi sync with the MPG64-A and the ability to export the pattern data to a Midi file. The primary feature of this program is a very simple, 64-step drum grid which can be used in lieu of your existing drum machine's complex sequencer. It can be used to trigger any type of midi drum machine, either software or hardware. Each of the 20 rows can be set to a different midi channel, so you can even trigger multiple devices simultaneously from the same grid! You can also run multiple MPG64-R's in synchronization, just in case 20 drum sounds triggered simultaneously isn't enough :)

Due to the enormous amount of time that it took to develop this program (the main interface has a combined 1,400 clickable buttons, keys, and knobs!) there is a small charge ($29 USD) to download it.


* Ability to load and save pattern data, including names for each row/instrument
* Midi Synchronization
* Each of 20 rows can be assigned to a different note number and midi channel
* Ability to export pattern to a midi file (single or multiple track file)
* Graphic keyboard to select note numbers
* Ability to record to a loopable WAV file
* 8 selectable 'banks' of patterns
* Pattern steps adjustable from 2-64
* Pattern / row randomization features
* Tu2 plugin support

Price: 29 dollar


  1. Anonymous03:01

    i downloaded it and get "the program can not start...reiinstalling the application may solve the issue"
    there is no installation. its just an exe. hmmmmm

  2. Well, I've never tried this software so I cant help you with that, but it's from 2006 so maybe it's too old for your OS?


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