kl. - FINELINE v1.0 (Mac/Free)

FINELINE is a mono/polyphonic synthesizer.

• 2 Oscillators with waveforms sine-triangle-saw-square-pulse
• FM and sync
• External input and noise
• Fold algorithm
• 1 ADSR volume envelope and 1 ADS filter envelope
• 24dB lowpass filter or 12dB lowpass-highpass filter pair
• Filter overdrive
• 2 modulation busses with 8 sources and 8 destinations each
• 1 LFO with triangle, square and saw waves

Tired of editing one parameter at a time?

kl.TOOL is a suite of plugins featuring a interface which allow you to edit parameters quick and intuitive even if equipped only with a mouse.
Using the edit knob you can, in addition to standard editing, change multiple parameters with both ease and speed.

• Unified graphical user interface.
• Easy editing of multiple parameters
• Midi CC auto routing
• Parameter hints
• Awesome design

kl.TOOL is built with Max/MSP, so to use the plugins you will need pluggo runtime.

Universal Binary version will come in a few weeks.

Minimum Requirements:

Mac OS X 10.2 or later
1 GHz G4 or faster
Pluggo runtime 3.5.4
VST, RTAS or Audio Unit host