MASTERvst - LOOPmaster (Pc)

LOOPmaster is a real time loop sampler. It allows you to to record a phrase ( up to 1 minutes long) and have it instantly play back looped. You can repeat the process for all 4 tracks quickly creating a 4 track looping musical phrase without ever stopping the music. LOOPmaster is midi controlled and it's functions can be controlled with a simple midi keyboard, midi controller, or a midi sequencer.

LOOPmaster has 4 major functions that are each controlled by a range of midi notes selected in the configure section of LOOPmaster.

1. Record:
* Track 1 (the master track)
o Midi note starts recording (Recording Indicator is blue)
o 2nd midi note stops recoding and starts instant looped play back (Recording Indicator is dark)
* Tracks 2, 3 and 4
o Midi note puts track into record standby until Track 1 loops to the beginning of it's recording (Recording Indicator is orange)
+ Once Track 1 reaches the end of the phrase and loops back to the beginning, the tracks changes from standby to recording (Recording Indicator is blue)
+ When Track 1 reaches the end of it's phrase, the track automatically exits recording and switches to play (Recoding Indicator is dark)
2. Select
* Midi note selects the next track (Selected Indicator is blue)
o If Track 4 is the currently selected track, Select will wrap back around to Track 1
* The selected track is the track that is currently controlled by the Record and Clear* functions
o *If Track 1 is selected, Clear, clears all tracks
3. Clear
* Track 1
o Midi note clears all tracks
* Tracks 2, 3 and 4
o Midi note clears the selected track
4. Reverse/Remix
* Midi note activates Reverse and/or Remix for any track that has the Reverse and/or Remix button selected (button is blue when selected)
* 2nd midi note deactivated Reverse and/or Remix

Minimum System Requirements:

Windows 98,ME,2000,XP
512 MB RAM
VST host
Low latency Sound Card Driver