Michael Kingston Productions - RetroBand / RetroBandLite (Pc/Pro/Free)

From the homepage:
RetroBand models several aspects of the interaction between gain stages and transformers of analogue gear, referred to as intra-modulation (IM), ie. Class A/B gain stage switching distortion. It also features several forms of transient shaping in-between the stages.
Throw a spanner in the perfect digital engine

As opposed to sterile but perfect digital sound, IM is a distortion that can sound good. It happens especially in less than ideal analogue class A/B gain staging, which means it's present in a plenty of vintage gear.

There are three different models in RetroBand using the IM process, allowing good range of sound shaping. No particular piece of equipment is simulated in any of them, but the combined flexibility can generate some of the desirable aspects of great sounding analogue gear. It could be said IM is one of the minor missing links to analogue sound in a digital audio workstation.
The sound

RetroBand is a distortion unit at heart, but this type and concept hasn't been previously available as a digital model. Excuse the use of worn-out terminology, but it goes from warming, sharpening, roughing up, softening and smoothing - or all these combined. It may desirably enrich sterile sound sources. Failing equipment can be easily simulated and this allows plenty of creativity. With some luck, it makes things sound "larger than life". The transient enhanced IM with mid-side stereo control can change or revive a stereo image, too.

* Digital model of interaction between gain stages and transformers of analogue gear (IM)
* Three flexible IM models with noise modulation
* Several forms of transient shaping within the IM models
* Mid-side stereo image control on all signal paths
* Efficient SSE optimised processing


* A host with VST plug-in support
* Windows 2000 or Windows XP
* A processor with SSE instructions

Support for SSE instructions started with the Pentium III and continued with more recent processors including recent AMDs like the Duron and Athlon XP. Almost all new processors support SSE now.
Download RetroBandLite

RetroBandLite is a free cutdown version of the commercial RetroBand. There are no time or preset usage limitations, but quite many of the advanced features of the full version are missing and RetroBandLite processes everything as mono.
Download RetroBand full version trial

The trial of the full version of RetroBand silences audio output every 40 seconds or so. Preset saving is not limited in any way.

Purchase RetroBand

RetroBand is available for purchase now for the price of EUR35. This introduction offer ends on the first of november 2006, and the price is EUR49 after that.