Native Instruments - Absynth 4 (Pc/Mac/Universal)

From the homepage:
A legend in its own time, ABSYNTH returns in a more powerful, creative and intuitive guise than ever before. Renowned for its organic, evolving sounds that range from the simple yet sublime to outlandish sonic textures, ABSYNTH 4 continues to build on its exceptional reputation. The addition of new features combined with an optimized workflow and user interface brings fluidity and simplicity to the creation of intricate and intriguing sounds.

A Taste Of The Future
The unique blend of inimitable effects with multiple synthesis and sampling techniques is the defining element of the ABSYNTH sound, now more than ever before. The signal flow is far more flexible and a revolutionary wave morphing feature has been added. Both the master effects section and the modulation concept have been greatly enhanced. All these enhancements further sweeten ABSYNTH's already distinctive sonic flavour.
Browsing The Library
ABSYNTH 4 comes equipped with 1,200 KORE-configured presets spanning a vast range of styles and sounds. From clear, pristine leads to wild, alien soundscapes – it's all there. The KoreSound™ Browser makes using the presets fast and easy: Search and filter functions let you find presets according to specific characteristics and attributes – a truly intuitive and musical approach.
Studio And Stage
ABSYNTH 4 is designed both for the studio as well as for the stage. The sixteen macro controls allow multiple settings to be tweaked at the same time. All sixteen are automatically mapped onto KORE's control elements, ensuring that the remote control of ABSYNTH 4 is always hassle-free. Twisting sounds on-the-fly has never been easier.
ABSYNTH 4 will be available in October for € 299 / $ 339
(Update from ABSYNTH 3: € 99 / $ 119)

Top Features

* Award-winning semi-modular synthesizer offering an unprecedented range of sonic possibilities
* Innovative and unique combination of multiple synthesis and sampling techniques
* Greatly improved user-interface and enhanced workflow
* KoreSound™ Browser for easy searchinh of 1,200 KORE-configured presets
* ABSYNTH 4 uses the KoreSound™ format, macro controls automatically map onto KORE control elements
* Wave morphing feature and powerful effects greatly extend ABSYNTH 4's sonic range
* New master ADSR section and 16 freely-assignable macro controls for quick and easy control of the sound
* Flexible 68-breakpoint envelopes with templates and envelope step sequencer
* Sophisticated surround sound function per channel
* Live stereo input for each channel and new audio modulator section allow ABSYNTH to be used as a fully-featured effect unit

Import and Compatibility
Stand-alone, Audio Units™, VST™, RTAS™, DXi™, Core Audio™, DirectSound™, ASIO®
System Requirements
Mac OSX 10.4.x, G4 1.4 GHz, 256 MB RAM
Windows XP, Pentium 1.4 GHz, 256 MB RAM

CD-ROM drive required Processor must support Altivec/SSE;
Minimum installation: 100 MB
Full installation: 650 MB

Universal Binary - Intel-Mac ready!