NuGen Audio - Visualizer v1.0 beta 3 (Pc)

Visualizer is an FFT Analyzer ideal for invesigating and comparing characteristics of any audio material in real time.

Features so far:

Spectrum Analyser
Stereo Analyser
Stereo Spectrogram
Peak Level Meter
RMS Level Meter


* Snapshot views added.
* Dynamic snapshot memory added.
* dB scale zoom and scroll implemented.
* 1dB, 0.5dB and 01.dB segments added at appropriate zoom level.
* Peak hold control enhanced.
* Peak envelope colour selection now possible.
* Peak hold control enhanced.
* Octave and 1/12 octave (chromatic) banding.
* Octave, 1/3 octave and 1/12 octave (chromatic).
* Joined line option added to Lissajous view.
* Polar view implemented.
* Peak hold envelope control.
* Envelope and Grid colour selection.
* Freeze option.
* Stereometer added.
* History.
* Freeze.
* Response time.
* Colour spectrum picker.
* FFT window selection.
* Weighting curves and slopes made available.
* Right click tone option added.
* FFT window size parameter.
* RMS window size parameter.
* Pink noise generator (reduced file size in beta).
* Clip counters and setup.
* Margin fixed to follow primary meter.
* RMS meter adjusted to give true reading.