Outsim releases SynthMaker v0.9.6a (Pc)

What Is SynthMaker?
SynthMaker is a graphical programming environment for creating VST instruments and effects plug-ins.

You can also use SynthMaker to learn about and experiment with digital signal processing so it's a great educational tool as well.

SynthMaker is the ultimate sound synthesiser. Create your own instruments and effects to use in your music or to share with others. Learn about and experiment with sound synthesis and digital signal processing techniques.

New Release 0.9.6a

The low-level oscillator components now have hard sync inputs. We also now have boolean streams which are the mask equivalent of the standard floating point streams. You can make use of these in the code component too with the introduction of streamboolin and streamboolout commands.

We have a further update to the redraw optimisations. The refresh limiting is now built into the redraw components so you automatically have this whenever you use these. There is also an accompanying new Redraw Limiter component that allows you to control the rate of data flow through gui sections so that you don't do more processing than is needed for redrawing. This component will also stop data flow when the gui is hidden in an exported plugin or during preset changes when redrawing is suppressed.

There's also a load of important fixes and other updates.

Additions and fixes:

– New hard sync input on all the low-level oscillators
– Redraw components have 100Hz refresh limitating built in for optimal performance. There is also an input for turning this off if you want to
– New Redraw Limiter component for controlling recalculations that are only done for drawing purposes
– New boolean stream system that mirrors float streams and allows boolean stream components to be used for Mono, Poly or Mono4
– To accompany boolean streams you can now use streamboolin and streamboolout commands in the Code component
– The Mono and Poly comparison components have been replaced with Stream Boolean equivalents
– Fixed a bug that was preventing compiling through PolyInts connectors in some situations
– Triggers inside a bus going through a Selector were firing no matter what the selection was
– Fixed bug in the % operator in the Code component which could cause strange code behaviour for instructions after its usage
– The Area type was missing from connector type r-click menu and has been reinstated
– Code connectors will now connect to String connectors without having to force connection
– Updated Graph Dots, Graph Lines and Point Array Lines components so all have centre option. Lines components also have a curve option
– Fixed the Norm component so works with float arrays and no longer translates the scaled values to zero
– Status bar now shows the size of a module front panel in grid square as well as pixels
– The Log component was incorrectly named and has been changed to Decibel
– The Float Array component was crashing when a negative index was used
– The Multiplexer wasn't handling View data correctly with respect to drop menus
– The VST export option now shows if you have a module with stream inputs or outputs
– The Parametric EQ GUI was not updating during interaction in some hosts
– Fixed a crash that was occurring after adding a Preset Manager, undoing then doing another action
– Deleting some modules with front panels then undoing was not reinstating gui items with the right draw order
– Undo wasn't updating stream types sometimes when connected deleting items connected to a Poly to Mono
– The PPQ Position now updates at sample resolution in between frames
– Toolbox modules have been updated to include knob redraw enhancements
– Various components have been renamed, regrouped and had help text updated
– Float Array Max component should now work correctly
– The MIDI In and Out components have been moved to the External group
– Float/Int Array to Mem components were not updating after loading
– The Stereo Mem to Float Array component has been renamed to Mem to Float Array Min/Max and now handles mono and stereo buffers
– New retrigger counter output on the MIDI to Poly component allows you to handle voice management retriggers in custom envelopes
– New delay modules for varying the delay length at sampling rate

New Components:

– Redraw Limiter

New Modules:

– Delay
– Interpolated Delay

Price 65 Dollar