Outsim - SynthMaker v0.9.6b (Pc)

You can now control exactly when an envelope is triggered using the new manual ADSR. We also have a new system for storing toolbox modules and some changes to the way user defined filter groups work. All this and a host of bugs and stability issues taken care of.

What Is SynthMaker?
SynthMaker is a graphical programming environment for creating VST instruments and effects plug-ins.

You can also use SynthMaker to learn about and experiment with digital signal processing so it's a great educational tool as well.

SynthMaker is the ultimate sound synthesiser. Create your own instruments and effects to use in your music or to share with others. Learn about and experiment with sound synthesis and digital signal processing techniques.

New Release 0.9.6b

This release sees the introduction of controllable ADSR envelopes. The new component has Gate and Trigger inputs for determining exactly when the envelope fires.

There are some important fixes to the Preset Text File component and the StreamBoolean types introduced in the last release. The Redraw components have also been changed with refresh limiting now only on as default when automating.

There's an important change to the way modules are stored in the toolbox. This simplifies the existing system and stops the duplicate folders issue from arising. User defined groups have their own section on the Filter Bar now.

IMPORTANT: Before installing we recommend that, as a precaution, you go to your SynthMaker install folder and make a copy of your modules folder. After running the install the SM supplied modules will be in a new System folder. After you run the new release for the first time your own modules will be moved to a new User folder and your old module folders will be moved to a folder named 'Backup 0.9.6b'.

Additions and fixes:

– New ADSR with Gate and Trigger inputs giving you full control over when the envelope triggers
– All ADSR components (both manual and automatic) have a Stage output indicating what part of the envelope is currently running
– New system for module .hom file storage and changes to the way custom groups work in the filter bar
– The Redraw components now perform instant redraws and only use 100Hz limiting during automation in exported plugins
– The Bus components are now resizeable so that you can see the full names of each element of the bus
– Fixed a problem with buses which was causing incorrect behaviour on loading
– The Colour Dialog component could cause crashes when changing colours in properties and then undoing
– The redraw was drawing outside of the module area. This was mainly noticeable on standalone exes running in full screen mode
– The new StreamBoolean connectors were not passing type correctly or working through module inputs
– All the low-level oscillators were starting at the second point and not at the first i.e. zero
– The filter bar and connector type menus have been updated to include the new boolean stream types
– The bitmap cache was still not being cleared on file save or export to standalone or plugin
– The PC Keyboard should now work with non-UK/US keyboard layouts
– Fixed a bug that was causing errors when using a large mono section
– Components with more than 1 stream output were not returning to stream after a link change
– The new StreamBoolean types were not working through wireless links
– MIDI Sustain control messages are now handled by the MIDI to Voices component
– The Float Array Section component was not updating after loading
– Bitmaps now load a little bit faster when using the Bitmap component
– Removed the trigger blocker in the Preset Manager module so that the +/- buttons now work with the drop-menu
– Fixed a problem with the Preset Text File component that was causing preset arrays to get the wrong preset name
– The Preset Text File component was also not using the correct number of columns when saving array data
– Booleans should now work through Buses
– Fixed a redraw glitch in exported exes when selecting a Direct Sound device while an ASIO one is selected and vice-versa
– Fixed a problem that was causing redraw glitches when using redraw limiters in Wavelab
– The hard sync on the Ramp component wasn't working
– Updated the Step LFO module to correct rounding errors on loading presets on the step button
– Updated the Wavedraw Load and Save buttons to correct a font bug
– Updated step module in all the knobs
– Updated the example synth as all programs were using one octave too low

New Components:

– ADSR (manual)