Rogue Amoeba - Fission (Mac/Universal)
Fission is a streamlined audio editor designed to get you editing in minutes, not hours. It works with MP3, AAC, Apple Lossless and AIFF audio, enabling you to instantly trim and split files with no quality loss!

Use Fission to...

...losslessly edit MP3s, AAC, Apple Lossless and AIFF files. No re-encoding or switching formats means perfect audio quality for your files!

...Break a long recording up, by using split to create multiple files.

...remove unwanted audio, like commercials, from audio you want to keep.

...fade audio in and out to create a pleasing listening experience.

...create MP3 and AAC ringtones for your cell phone.

Feature Overview

Lossless Audio Edits - Edit With No Quality Loss
With Fission, you can edit MP3 and AAC encoded files without re-encoding them. This means you can trim portions of these files, or split them in to multiple files, with absolutely no quality loss. After years of research in lossless editing, we're happy to present the first and only lossless AAC editor for OS X, and your best choice for lossless editing!
Cell Phone

Hanging On The Telephone
Why spend $2.99 or more on a ringtone for your cell phone, when you bought the full song already? With Fission, you can take the audio files you already own and pull out the audio you want. Trim the audio down to the perfect ringtone, then save it out with no quality loss. Transfer the file to your MP3 or AAC-compatible phone, and you've got a great, high-quality ringtone that didn't cost you a fortune. After a dozen ringtones, Fission's paid for itself!
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All Killer, No Filler!
If you have an audio file you want to save for the future, you want it to sound just right. With Fission, you can remove unwanted audio such as commercials from audio files. Just cut the audio out of the file and save. Presto-chango, you've got a file with only the audio you desire.

They Say That Breaking Up Is Hard To Do
Forget what you've heard - breaking a long audio file down into multiple shorter files is easy! Split your file into multiple clips with just a few clicks of the mouse. When you save or export, you'll get one audio file for each clip. Use Fission to break a recording down into multiple songs or segments in a flash.

With Fission's Smart Split tool, things get even better. Smart Split will hunt for silence in your file, and insert split points based on it.
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So Happy Together
Fission stands on its own as an audio editor, but it's also a great companion to Audio Hijack Pro. You can make recordings of any audio you like with Audio Hijack Pro, from internet radio streams to DVD audio, as well as imported analog content (such as records and tapes), Skype or iChat conversations, or even live input from a microphone.

Once you have the audio recorded, bring the file into Fission to adjust it as needed - trim out the excess or split it into multiple files. If you already own Audio Hijack Pro, you can receive a $14 off coupon towards to purchase of Fission.

Key Features

* Edit MP3, AAC, Apple Lossless, and AIFF files with no quality loss
* Quickly split a long audio file into smaller files
* Remove unwanted content, such as commercials, from your audio file
* Create great-sounding MP3 or AAC ringtones for your cell phone.

Version: 1.0.0 (released September 18, 2006)
Size: 2.4 MB
Operating Systems: Mac OS X 10.4.0 - 10.4.7
Architecture: PowerPC, Intel
Update: Free for registered users

Fission costs $32