Sonicbytes - Phrazor v1.0 (Pc)
Phrazor's concept follows a completely new outstanding approach. It combines traditional elements with unique features for rapid productions and livesets. It's compact and exceedingly flexible all the same.

Feels like a Hardware Rack
Phrazor has 64 tracks, each providing up to 8 plugin-slots which can be routed in a semi-modular way. You can set up and use a new rack with a few mouse clicks. Phrazor supports VST instrument, effect, midi and it's own native plugins. Furthermore Phrazor itself can be loaded into any VST compatible host.

Reuse everything
Every single piece of your work can be reused in other projects with one mouse click. You can setup your own instrument or effect racks and simply drag them on the mixer. Or build up your personal clip library and drag sequences directly on the pianoroll.

Combine your Instruments
Instruments and effects can be routed in a semi-modular way. You can create multi-instuments using keyboard-splits or you may want to build up a reusable effect-rack library. The complete state of each track can be stored and recalled via MIDI.

Advanced Patch-Mechanism
Plugins are stored in so called slots. This meta-format is much stronger than the traditional VST presets. You can create programs for VST plugins which do not provide a presetlist at all. No need for opening the plugin-editor to change the sound!
Additionaly you can assign 8 control sliders and 128 MIDI-CC's to certain parameters. Assign once and reuse ...

Sequencer aboard
Furthermore Phrazor provides a full-featured sequencer, perfectly synchronized to your host - if you're working with the VST version. MIDI editing in Phrazor is outstanding - based on the experience of the supporting community. The features include shuffle/random algorithms, a dedicated drumgrid-editor and a comfortable clip-based arpeggiator.

All in one Interface
The workflow-concept of Phrazor has been designed to keep everyday's work easy and fast. All important elements are placed in one window. Drag 'n drop allows you loading and organizing of objects on the fly. Context menus provide a quick access to all functions and the filesystem.

Quick access
The integrated customizable browser and manager will help you to find sounds, tracks and clips in seconds. You can categorize everything the way you want. The high-level file formats allow you to easily transfer any kind of object from one computer or host to another. Even if the VST plugins are in a different directory - Phrazor will find them...

Get on the Stage!
Phrazor has been designed as an instrument! Clips can be played live in different modes: Poly, Legato and Arpeggio. You can mix the playlist with remote clips to perform a controlled liveset... or just for fun!
Each track contains up to 128 states including plugin settings, mixer states, clip and groove settings. Furthermore you can store and recall complete machines state via MIDI... get phrazorized ;-)

New features since Preview#6

Starter Kit

* 47 tutorials covering all important features
* Help pages in about panel
* Factory containing 170+ clips and prepared tracks
* 3 GTG Synths
* Complete Kjaerhus Classic Series bundled
* 76 ready to use drummaps
* Updated PDF manual (80 pages)


* Save command for projects, tracks, slots, programs and clips
* Lock mechanism for programs and states
* Info for projects, tracks, slots, programs and clips
* Browser menus for grooves and drummaps
* Drag tracks to clips (extracts clips from tracks)
* Smart tab selection in browser/manager
* Save message box when closing Phrazor standalone
* Set tempo dialog (doubleclick on BPM)
* Automap functions for clips and states
* Filetype "Clipmap" stores complete remote-assignment-sets


* Drag MIDI clips from Phrazor to host or any other application
* Multiple files can be dragged to Phrazor (e.g. importing multiple MIDI files at once)
* Save all clips to folder function
* MIDI Export of single or all clips


* Main panel layout reworked
* Titlebar shows project filename
* Filenames of selected objects displayed in browser/manager
* Values displays for all sliders
* Alternative time display (hh:mm:ss)
* Visualization of loading programs
* Visualization of the plugin scan process
* Mono GUI
* Icon for standalone version

MIDI Engine

* Mute/solo for pure MIDI tracks
* Output delay for calibrating audio/midi drift
* MIDI Sync. Master (sends Clock, Start, Stop, Continue, SPP)
* MIDI Transport Slave (receives Start, Stop, Continue, SPP)
* Optional only-tempo host synchronization
* Dragging tracks automatically updates MIDI source tracks
* Track playmode "Automatic"
* MIDI Control surface
* Thru option for remote-clips
* Visualization of pending states

Audio Engine

* Pre/Post fader sends
* Thru/Mute send option
* Visualization of track groups (linked by sends)
* Dragging tracks automatically updates send-source and multi-output targets
* Reset all mute/solo function
* Intelligent "Auto-Connect" in mixer panel
* Fade inertia on tracks for smooth mixing
* ASIO driver improvements (standalone)
* Built-in multi-filter component

MIDI Editing

* Visualization of selected ghost notes
* Buttons for important functions (selection, clipboard, quantize etc.)
* Visualization of active notes in keyboard
* Auto-scroll option follows cursor
* Drummap selection in clipeditor
* Automap functions
* More edit functions like trim and auto-length
* Merge into clip at cursor


* Virtual project workspace allows one-click project loading
* Projects can be loaded via MIDI song select or program change
* Integration in project notes panel

VST Improvements

* Better compatibility (no non-working plugin known)
* Load VST directly via dialog
* Randomize function in parameter panel
* Close all editors function
* MIDI learn for plugin parameters
* Optional "Prog. Change Thru"
* Take button for faster library building
* Drag VST dll's to Phrazor

Render to WAV

* Complete project and loop rendering
* Render to track with autonaming
* Loops are perfectly trimmed
* Rendering up to 384 KHz in 5 different formats


* Find and classify files by simple keyword selection
* Freely assignable key columns and words
* Check-in utility to take up files from other users/pc's
* Provides filetypes projects, tracks, slots, programs and clips


* Auto-scroll option follows cursor
* Buttons for important functions (selection, clipboard, quantize etc.)
* View selection for playpart parameters (velocity and transpose)
* Auto selection in playlist


* Default cliplength, channel and snap settings
* Auto-lock for programs and states
* Better keyboard support
* Reworked installer, separated vst-dll's and Phrazor folder
* Works on Muse Receptor and mobile devices (e.g. usb-sticks)

Price: 49 euro