Steinberg - Cubase Studio 4 (Pc/Mac/Universal)

Cubase Studio 4 - Music Production System

Cubase Studio 4 is a new workstation tailored to project studios and creative musicians. Based on the same core technologies as Steinberg’s Cubase 4 Advanced Music Production System, the streamlined Cubase Studio 4 offers professional tools for composition, recording, editging and mixing at an extremely attractive price.
Boasting a range of new capabilities in its price range such as SoundFrame™, full notation features and brand new VST3 instruments and effects, Cubase Studio 4 offers unprecedented functionality in its price class.

* Audio + MIDI Recording/Editing/Mixing
* New VST3 virtual instruments and effects
* SoundFrame™ - unique new Sound Management System
* Fantastic-sounding 32-bit Audio Engine
* Full scoring features
* Streamlined feature set tailored for project studios, musicians and composers
* Outstanding vaue for money, extraordinary price/performance ratio
* Cross platform: Windows and Mac OS X Universal Binary (compatible with PPC- and Intel-based Macintosh computers)

New Features in Cubase Studio 4
New Plug-in Set - VST3

Cubase Studio 4 not only includes a completely new set of superlative audio effect plug-ins, it also marks the next step in VST plug-in technology. VST3 offers major new features both for plug-in developers and users. VST3 plug-ins can adjust their number of audio busses to the channel they're inserted to (mono, stereo, 5.1* etc.). A silence detection function makes sure that a plug-in only processes audio when there's actually a signal present. This helps to reduce overall CPU load. VST3 plug-ins natively support Intel-based Macintosh computers. For developers there are many more features under the hood.

In Cubase Studio 4, there are 20 all-new first-class audio and MIDI plug-ins. In addition, some of the previous plug-ins have been reworked and updated for this version, pushing the total number of audio plug-ins to 47.

One of the many highlights of this new plug-in set are a Vintage Compressor, Studio Chorus, a new Multiband Compressor, a voice-doubler called Cloner, and a great-sounding modeling guitar amplifier with speaker cabinet simulation.

A feature not related to VST3 but to the Cubase mixer: effects can now be re-arranged using drag & drop. This works both within a single channel, as well as between channels.

*Surround functionality is not supported in Cubase Studio 4

New Virtual Instruments

Cubase Studio 4 adds an outstanding new virtual virtual instrument. HALion One is a special version of Steinberg’s award-winning HALion virtual sampler and puts hundreds of quality instruments at your direct disposal. The HALion One content is based on the same renowned Yamaha sample content used in its famed Motif series of synthesizers. Prologue is a polyphonic analog-modeling synthesizer with exceptional-sounding filters and powerful modulation capabilities – ideal as a general purpose sound armory covering everything from smooth, rich pads to bright, acerbic leads.

SoundFrame™ - Universal Sound Manager

SoundFrame™ is a set of features which incorporate a powerful Universal Media Library within Cubase Studio 4. SoundFrame™ combines the new Instrument Tracks, Track Templates, and VST3 categorization functions with a powerful database system known as MediaBay.

What is SoundFrame™?

* SoundFrame™ allows you to manage ANY sound from ANY software or hardware synthesizer under a single, unified user interface (MediaBay)
* SoundFrame™ can help you find any sound, not only by instrument but also by category, type, style, character or other attributes
* SoundFrame™ even comes with more than 1000 ready-toplay sounds, which are also conveniently organized by instrument category, type, and character. These can even be instantly previewed before loading.
* SoundFrame™ can even manage your VST effects plug-in presets as well. These can also be organized and categorized to form one big effects library.

MediaBay – media file management system

To keep up with the ever-growing number of sounds, samples, loops and presets, Cubase Studio 4 is equipped with an immensely powerful media file management system known as MediaBay. MediaBay is the central place for browsing, searching, managing and categorizing any type of media file. This includes audio and MIDI files, instrument and plug-in presets, track presets, video data and even project files.

Powerful search tools and an extremely easy-to-navigate user interface give almost instant access to any sound file anywhere on your system. MediaBay also includes a tag editor to apply your own attributes, while the Scope section gives full preview of your audio, MIDI or Presets - even down to the auditioning of loops in your song tempo.

Track Presets

One of the most powerful new features in Cubase Studio 4 is the Track Presets system – especially when combined with the new MediaBay feature. Track Presets store every aspect of track/channel settings for audio, MIDI, and Instrument tracks. Combinations of tracks can also be saved as Multi-Track Presets. Almost all track and mixer setting are stored including volume and Pan information and all insert effect settings as well as the channel EQ. For instrument tracks, all Instrument/Preset information is stpre with a Track Preset, while for MIDI tracks, the Track Preset includes MIDI Port, Channel and Patch information.

Track Presets can be saved with attributes like Category/Style/Character and so on, opening up a whole new dimension in sound management on your DAW,
Instrument Tracks

Cubase Studio 4 introduces a new track type: the Instrument Track. An Instrument Track provides a fast and convenient way to use virtual instruments. As a quick alternative to the VSTi Rack, Instrument Tracks provide a single MIDI Input and a single stereo Output within a single channel/track. Setting up a VST Instrument and getting ready to play is now just one step away!
First-class Notation and Score Printing

Cubase Studio 4 includes all notation and score printing functionality from Cubase 4 - a first at this price point in the CUbase range. The Score Editor offers all symbols and characters needed to build full-scale scores. This includes not only elements like song texts and dynamic markings, but also drum scores, guitar tablature and lead sheets. All new scoring features from Cubase 4 are included in the Cubase Studio 4 Score Editor, such as the configurable Inspector, user-friendly context menus, new score fonts as well as the new Signature feature for Track Presets.

* The Score menu is now slimmer and better organized. Some functions are now available via dedicated context menus and therefore easier to use
* The symbol palettes have their own freely configurable “inspector” which is organized in tabs – similar to the track inspector
* All preferences have been combined into a single “main” score settings dialog
* The Drum settings are now part of the main Drum Map Setup
* Cubase Studio 4 now offers a full range of fonts, including two additional high-quality score fonts: “Jazz” and “Classical”. The original Cubase font is now available as “Legacy” font.

User Interface Redesign

Designed with meticulous attention to detail, Cubase Studio 4 features an extensively redesigned and anhanced user interface. The overall visibility of active items versus inactive items has been drastically enhanced, so although there are now more screen elements in Cubase Studio 4 providing better access to even more features, overall visibility and orientation is now better than ever. Critical areas such as the Mixer and Inspector have received particular attention, with clearer highlighting and better readability of textual information.
The new user interface also introduces a number of new features, inculding a fully customizable Track Inspector. Not only can each item in the Track Inspector be hidden or shown as desired, but the order and visibility of items can be changed and stored individually for each track type.

* The Channel Strip window is also fully customizable, featuringits own setup panel and configuration options for each ndividual section - with full preset management. The new EQ section now offers a larger display area, giving better overview when using the new Channel EQ.

* The Mixer window offers even more flexibility and ergonomics in Cubase Studio 4. View settings can be applied to any number of selected channels, and the view/hide status can be set either individually for a single channel or for several channels simultaneously.

Minimum System Requirements

The minimum system requirements state the minimal specification your computer must have to be able to use the software. A more powerful system may be required for certain tasks or larger projects. You can find more information about computer system specification and setup here.

* Mac OS X Version 10.4
* Power Mac G4 1 GHz or Core Solo 1.5 GHz
* 512 MB RAM
* CoreAudio compatible audio hardware
* Display Resolution 1024x768 pixels
* DVD drive required for installation
* USB port required for Steinberg Key (copy protection device)*
* Internet connection required for license activation

* Windows XP Home or XP Professional
* Pentium/Athlon 1.4 GHz
* 512 MB RAM
* Windows DirectX compatible audio hardware (ASIO compatible audio hardware recommended for low latency performance)
* Display resolution 1024x768
* DVD-ROM drive required for installation
* USB port required for Steinberg Key (copy protection device)*
* Internet connection required for license activation

*The Steinberg Key (USB copy protection device) required to run this product is only available in the full version. Customers who are upgrading or updating from another version or product and who do not own a Steinberg Key must purchase one separately. The same Steinberg Key copy protection device is then used for all Steinberg products that require it.


The English-language version of Cubase Studio 4 will be available internationally at local stores from October 9th. The French- and the German-language versions will be available in November.

Cubase Studio 4 Retail Version 399 €*
Cubase Studio 4 Update from Cubase SL 3 99 €*
Cubase Studio 4 Update from Cubase SL 2/1 149 €*
Cubase Studio 4 Upgrade from Cubase SE 3 / Studio Case II 249 €*
Cubase Studio 4 Upgrade from Cubase SE 1 / Cubase LE 299 €*
Cubase Studio 4 Competitive Upgrade 199 €*