Ugo - Ironhead /Tunguska (Pc)

From the homepage:
Ironhead released!
Ironhead, my new morphing percussion synth has been released. Impact's sound is best described as synthetic junk percussion and it offers 15 instruments, morphing, random variations, 4 stereo outs, and a super easy interface.

And as an added bonus, Ironhead comes bundled with Tunguska, a matching multi effect that offers granulation, filtering, distortion, downsampling, delay, and morphing!

I think I can hear some of you saying "Ironhead!? I thought it was supposed to be called Impact?" Well as it turned out, the name Impact was already taken, just like Bang was. So, the morphing percussion synth formerly code named Bang, and formerly known as Impact, has now been released as Ironhead.

Price 40 dollar for both.