Wavosaur v1.0.0.3109 (Pc/Free)

Wavosaur is an audio sample editor for Windows XP with all the classic fonctions :Cut/Paste/Trim etc.
Wavosaur will support VST plugins, and chaining VST.
You can download a free alpha for testing.


- loop point locking in loop and markers menu
- loop point locking added in cfg file
- dirac synthesis at cursor
- step synthesis at cursor
- end of wav selection bug fixed
- memory optimisation during mono stereo conversion
- ampzoom bug fixed
- suppr and cut bug fixed
- maj file opening bug fixed
- iff (8SVX & 16SV) support added
- audio driver started at start up
- iff bug fixed
- general information added in statistics: loop list, markers, channel etc.
- export as txt added in statistics dialog box
- undo button added in main toolbar
- default chunk bug fixed