Wusik - Wusikstation Player (Pc/Free)

From the homepage:
Wusikstation V3 Player VSTi *

Since Wsm Issue #005, we are now including the latest WusikEngine V3 version in a Free Player form. Its Wusikstation V3 with a few limitations, but totally usable for using the included magazine sounds.

Player Limitations:

* Only one instance per song;
* Doesn’t save Presets, but it will save the current song preset tweaks;
* Fixed to the V3 Red Default Skin, can’t change to another skin;
* Disk Streaming Buffer fixed to 256k, can’t be changed;
* Set Default option, that saves configuration values is disabled;
* When the Editor/GUI is open, it will display a 10 second nag-screen.
* Comes with only one TUN file, and doesn’t allow you to use other TUN files.

No time limits for sessions like the Demonstration Version, and also includes all new V3 effects.

You also have the option to Register your copy and remove all the above restrictions/limitations. It will act just like the full copy but without the extra sounds.
Read about Wusikstation.