Arturia Analog Factory Reloaded (Pc/Mac/Universal)

From the homepage:
What is Analog Factory Reloaded?

It is an extended version of Analog Factory, refilled with a further 1000 exciting new sounds, bringing the total sound set to 3000!
These sounds were made by a selection of the best sound-designers Worldwide:

* ARP2006V: Kevin Lamb (Neptunes), Roger Lyons, JMB, Nori.Ubukata
* CS80V: Glen Darcey, James Newman, Howard_Scarr, M83, Scott Solida, James Lumb, Max fazio, Llorca, JMB
* MinimoogV: Chris Laurence, Glen Darcey, JMB 2ème banque
* MMV: L.Llorca, Scott Solida, Nori Ubukata, Frank Orlish, Ted Perlman, JMB
* Prophet 5: Teknotanz, Nori Ubukata, Vincent Travaglini
* Prophet VS: Teknotanz

Analog Factory Reloaded also contains these bug fixes over the current version of Analog Factory:

* The PC version comes with a brand new installer, faster than the previous one. There is no freezing problem with the installer anymore.

* We fixed a compatibility issue with Logic 5.5 PC and Samplitude : the vst plugin didn't produce any sound in these host. This problem is now fixed.

* We fixed a problem on ProTools when running with a sample rate different than 44.1 kHz : the plugin was out of tune in 88 or 96 kHz.

* Fixed a compatibility issue with Sonar : Analog Factory crashed during the plugin validation. It now pass the validation properly.

* On Digital Performer, the splash screen sometimes rested even after quitting DP. This problem is now fixed.

* We fixed a bug on the minimoog oscillator. It was going out of tune after some time. It now stays in tune properly.

* We fixed a bug on the Prophet VS filter. VS presets should sound exactly the same, but there's now a wider control on the filter for VS presets.

Getting Analog Factory Reloaded

How can I get Analog Factory Reloaded?
Every customer of Analog Factory who registers before December 31 is entitled to download Analog Factory Reloaded for free. This includes customers who have bought and registered the software already and customers who plan to do so before the end of this year.

Where can I buy Analog Factory?
We have a list of dealers carrying Analog Factory.