Coyote Electronics - ForteDXi v1.5 (Pc)

Update - Coyote ForteDXi, version 1.5

ForteDXi Version 1.5 is now available from PG Music Inc. This update fixes the problem that caused RPNs such as "pitch bend sensitivity" to get overwritten when unrecognized NRPNs (non-registered parameter numbers) are received. This is a FREE upgrade for current Forte users and will work with existing registration keys. New users can purchase FoteDXi from PG Music Inc. for only $40.

Coyote's ForteDXi is a DirectX (DXi) plug-in that implements a high-quality sample player. Its sampled instruments offer a sound quality far better than the standard MIDI synthesizer. ForteDXi works with any compatible DXi host program to allow it to produce very realistic instrument sounds.