discoDSP - Discovery v2.8 (Pc)


* New high-quality chorus.
* Shift+Ctrl+Alt will move current knob from four layers at once.
* Reworked Edit menu including new functions:
o Copy/Paste Delay.
o Reset all effects (Chorus/Phaser/Limit Off and Panning/Delay/Gate to default).
o Randomize Layer Morphing.
o FX Bypass. Will work while changing presets and banks too.
o Swap between news and classic chorus.
* Revised manual.
* Revised unison presets.

8 oscillators Virtual Analog VSTi Synthesizer featuring 4 layers, 2X oversampling, unison edit, built-in arpeggiator, sync, FM, 8 filter types, panning modulation, stereo delay and gate effects. Imports Nord Lead 2 SysEx data.