FabFilter Timeless (Pc/Mac)

At a first glance, FabFilter Timeless is a perfectly modelled classic tape delay. Look further and you'll discover that its unique high quality filters and many creative options turn it into the ultimate sound-mangling machine. Create echo, chorus, flanger, phaser, scratch effects and much more! Modulation is a breeze, thanks to the unique drag-and-drop modulation matrix. And over 100 presets will get you started quickly.

Play Timeless Demo
FabFilter Timeless, Twin and One. No additional effects (MP3, 1.1 MB)

Two separate L and R delay lines are available which can be panned individually. Each delay line can be synchronized to the host tempo with fully adjustable offset. A tap feature is provided, and the L/R delay times can be synchronized.
Delay controls

In Tape mode, the delay lines function as a classic tape delay. Changing the delay time will change the pitch of the signal accordingly, enabling you to create scratch-like effects because the delay line responds very smoothly to knob movements. In Stretch mode, the music slows down or speeds up while keeping the pitch the same.

The signal from the delay lines is fed to two highest-quality multimode filters that shape the sound any way you want. Each filter has six filter characteristics that define the unique sound and overdrive of the filter. They range from smooth with moderate overdrive to raw, self-oscillating and over-the-top! The filters are easy to tweak with the interactive filter display.

From the filters, the signal is taken back to the delays and can be adjusted with the feedback and cross-feedback knobs. Per-channel phase inversion is provided to create jaw-dropping flanger and phasing effects.
Drag-and-drop modulation

Adding modulation is easy with the drag-and-drop modulation matrix. To fill a modulation slot, simply drag the source button for a modulation source to the knob that you want to modulate! You can create incredibly complex sounds with ease by letting modulation slots modulate each other. Almost all parameters can be modulated.

Modulation sources: two LFOs, EG, velocity, aftertouch, mod wheel, pitch bend, and keyboard track. Each of these can modulate any modulation target.

The LFOs feature tempo/MIDI sync, triangle, sine, S&H, and random wave forms, adjustable wave balance, and a polarity option. The LFO frequency is a modulation target. All of the audio/MIDI triggered EG parameters are modulation targets as well.

Help hintsAnd of course, you get all the standard FabFilter goodies: perfectly fine-tuned knobs that work both in vertical and circular drag modes, interactive MIDI Learn, Smart Parameter Interpolation for smooth parameter transitions, over 100 presets, unique per-component presets, extensive help file with interactive help hints, sample accurate automation for all parameters, AltiVec and SSE optimization, and much more.

Windows requirements

* Windows XP/2000/98/Me/2003
* VST 2 host
* SSE-capable processor

Mac OS X requirements

* OS X 10.3 (Panther) or higher
* Audio Units or VST 2 host
* G4/G5 or Intel processor

Key Features

* L and R delay lines (10 ms - 5 sec) with host tempo sync, panning, and L/R sync
* Feedback and cross-feedback with L/R sync and phase inversion
* Tape delay or time stretching behavior when changing the delay time
* Tap feature
* Two state-of-the-art multimode filters with filter panning and six characteristics
* Interactive filter display
* Two LFOs with tempo/MIDI sync, triangle, square, sine, S&H, and random wave forms, wave balance, polarity
* Audio/MIDI triggered envelope generator
* Unique drag-and-drop modulation with 24-slot modulation matrix
* Velocity, aftertouch, keyboard track, mod wheel and pitch bend modulation sources
* MIDI Learn
* Over 100 presets
* Unique per-component presets
* Smart Parameter Interpolation
* Sample-accurate automation of all parameters
* Extensive help file with interactive help hints

Price: 129 dollar