MASTERvst - LOOPmaster v1.1 (Pc)

LOOPmaster is a real time loop sampler. It allows you to to record a phrase ( up to 1 minutes long) and have it instantly play back looped. You can repeat the process for all 4 tracks quickly creating a 4 track looping musical phrase without ever stopping the music. LOOPmaster is midi controlled and it's functions can be controlled with a simple midi keyboard, midi controller, or a midi sequencer.

LOOPmaster has 4 major functions that are each controlled by a range of midi notes selected in the configure section of LOOPmaster.

1. Record:
* Track 1 (the master track)
o Midi note starts recording (Recording Indicator is blue)
o 2nd midi note stops recoding and starts instant looped play back (Recording Indicator is dark)
* Tracks 2, 3 and 4
o Midi note puts track into record standby until Track 1 loops to the beginning of it's recording (Recording Indicator is orange)
+ Once Track 1 reaches the end of the phrase and loops back to the beginning, the tracks changes from standby to recording (Recording Indicator is blue)
+ When Track 1 reaches the end of it's phrase, the track automatically exits recording and switches to play (Recoding Indicator is dark)
2. Select
* Midi note selects the next track (Selected Indicator is blue)
o If Track 4 is the currently selected track, Select will wrap back around to Track 1
* The selected track is the track that is currently controlled by the Record and Clear* functions
o *If Track 1 is selected, Clear, clears all tracks
3. Clear
* Track 1
o Midi note clears all tracks
* Tracks 2, 3 and 4
o Midi note clears the selected track
4. Reverse/Remix
* Midi note activates Reverse and/or Remix for any track that has the Reverse and/or Remix button selected (button is blue when selected)
* 2nd midi note deactivated Reverse and/or Remix

Minimum System Requirements:

Windows 98,ME,2000,XP
512 MB RAM
VST host
Low latency Sound Card Driver

New Features:

* Tracks of different lengths can be recorded
* Click removal
* Enhanced user interface
* Multiple outs

Version 1.1. is a major step forward for LOOPmaster.

Record looping tracks of different lengths, or record tracks that are synchronized like in version 1.0, the choice is yours.

Each track now has it's own output. You can route each track to a separate effect or recording bus in your host (if your host supports that). (There is also a stereo mix out where all tracks are mixed together like version 1.0).

The click/pop caused by loops that start and end at different levels are removed in most cases for a smooth sounding loop.

Price: 19 dollar