NOVUZEIT - Motile v1.0 (Pc)

From the homepage:

Motile represents entirely new ideas in the field of extreme audio mutilation.
Eight futuristic effects, unified under one hood, with unprecedented human control and computer automation options.
An entirely original approach to sound sculpture and audio mutation that is both innovative and easy to use.
Whether you're a beginner in the field of experimental electronica, or a veteran aural marauder,
NOVUZEIT is sure you'll find Motile not only useful,
but a dream come true.


Motile includes FX explicitly designed with -experimental- audio creation in mind. GLITCH will randomly slice and dice your drumloops with minimal effort; METALLICIZE will liquify and chrome any synth lead; PSYCHOMODULATION will warp and wobble your vocals into a poltergeist; GRANULATION will turn your music into little pieces of transvolving plankton; and there's four more FX... ANALOG FEEDBACK FILTER, PITCH INVERSION, BITCRUSHING, and even the PANNING-VOLUME FX allows for unprecedented stereoization and amplification techniques. All eight of these FX types come together as a glorious synergy using a vast array of WET/DRY controls... all automatable singularly or globally, or both.


Motile allows a totally unique synergy of designated/automatable control options far beyond anything seen thus far in an FX VST.
Imagine taking one fantastic experimental FX unit and mapping its two most expressive controls across a 2-Dimensional grid. The X axis could control one parameter of the FX unit, the Y axis the other. Now imagine that dual-axis controlled FX unit being represented on the grid as a self descriptive icon. Perhaps you could grab the icon with your mouse and move it around the grid, manipulating the FX in an extremely expressive manner. Now, imagine being able to automate either axis of that FX's controls automatically, using pathways following adjustable waveform selections... plus support for parabolic curvitures (and random control voltage). Imagine having that same computer control, as well as the previously mentioned mouse support... all of the same FX simultaneously. Well stop imagining, because Motile has made all of the above come true, times eight. (Oh, and yes, Motile is fully loaded with integrated MIDI CC support as well, for all you lovely knob-tweakers out there.)

Price: 35 dollar