Outsim - SynthMaker v0.9.7 (Pc)

What Is SynthMaker?
SynthMaker is a graphical programming environment for creating VST instruments and effects plug-ins.

You can also use SynthMaker to learn about and experiment with digital signal processing so it's a great educational tool as well.

SynthMaker is the ultimate sound synthesiser. Create your own instruments and effects to use in your music or to share with others. Learn about and experiment with sound synthesis and digital signal processing techniques.

From the homepage:
New Release 0.9.7

We've done some tidying up on the toolbox for this release. The filter groups have been re-organised. The contents of Code and Parse are now in Other and these groups have been replaced with Bitmap, Array, Wave, and System. Data and Module have been merged to form Element.

A few components have been renamed, some have moved to more sensible groups and quite a few have been promoted from R&D to full release status.

Another point to note in this release is that the Start Menu group is now SynthMaker and not Outsim|SynthMaker. You can delete the old group if you want, the install won't touch the old one.

Many people have asked about a wave player module, well we now have one. You'll find it in the OSC group.

Additions and fixes:

– Reorganised the filter groups adding some new ones and removing some others
– Renamed and relocated several components to different groups, also promoted a number of components from R&D to full status
– Update the properties for the Compressor module. Many didn't apply so were removed
– Fixed a problem with ctrl+click in the Animated Knob. Also updated the preview so that it changes if you alter the cell settings
– The MIDI cc property was not in the correct place for the Horizontal Slider module
– Sliders now resume the cursor position where the slider finishs and not weher you originally clicked
– The Mono/Poly Readout and Label module property preview panels are now purgeable
– Fixed a problem with the PC Keyboard that was preventing special multimedia keys from functioning on some systems
– Removed the 'Trial Version' text that had crept into the about box title for the release version
– Listing components alphabetically in the toolbox was using case sensitivity
– Fixed a bug in the ADSR (manual) that was holding the sound process even if no gate signal is ever received
– Note retriggering was not using the correct velocity. This was causing held notes on systems where MIDI note on with velocity zero is used instead of a note off
– Fixed a bug in the code component that was causing crashes when using Sin1 and other such functions in stage(0)
– The Preset Save component now has before and after load triggers so that you can bypass heavy processing until programs have been loaded
– Corrected the label on the trigger input to the Note Event component
– Optimised left mouse clicks. These were causing an unnecessary redraw
– The start menu group is now SynthMaker instead of Outsim|SynthMaker
– In exported exes right-clicking to change the zoom level was occasionally causing the screen to go blank
– Also in exported exes when interacting parts of the display were disappearing
– Fixed bugs in String and Int Array components so that they now initialise on loading
– The about box text in exported exes is now scrollable so you can fit more text in
– The cursor input to the mouse drag components is now an int allowing for 3 cursor options (show, hide and hold and hide only)
– New Wave Player module

New Modules:

– Wave Player

Price: 95 euro