Polac VST Loaders for Jeskola Buzz - v1.1.9.8 (Pc/Free)

What's New

* vst2.4 compatibility
* fixed: some dialogs did not display properly depending on the display settings in windows
* fixed: global command 'trigger seq' was broken

Since even some more experienced Buzz users might be getting in trouble with the installation of all .dll's "shipping" within the package, the files need to be placed like this:

Buzz\dxvst.dll [DX/DXi loader]
Buzz\pbuzz.dll [BUZZ loader]
Buzz\Gear\Generators\Polac VSTi 1.1.dll [VST Instrument Loader]
Buzz\Gear\Effects\Polac VST 1.1.dll [VST Effect Loader]
Buzz\Gear\Effects\Polac Out II.dll [for multiple output support]
Buzz\Gear\Effects\Polac MIDI Bus.dll [->allows to send midi to other buzz machines]
Buzz\Gear\Effects\Polac MIDI In.dll [->for additional midi in devices]
%your vst dir%\midivst.dll [MIDI Out]

Important: without the Machines.dll the loaders won't work properly!

You've got to modify your Buzz\Gear\index.txt in order to access VST Plugins from the right-mouse click menu.

*Polac VSTi 1.1, [PVSTi]VST Instruments
*Polac VST 1.1, [PVST]VST Effects

The Polac Out II.dll and Polac MIDI In doesn't need a specific index.txt entry in order to work.

Once you're done with this procedure, you're almost done. The only thing left to do is telling *BOTH* Polac Machines (VST & VSTi) which directories are scanned for vst plugins. Just place an instance of BOTH loaders into your Buzz setup, right-click them and choose "Preferences" from the menu. A new window will open and ask you to specify your VST plugin resources. The loaders will scan the choosen paths recursive (invoking subdirectories) once you're done with setting things up and press the "OK" button. The procedure stated above needs to be done ONCE for BOTH loaders. If you succeeded you'll now be able to load your VST plugin of choice from within the usual right-click menu in the machine view.

Congrats! You're done with the installation.