Roger Nichols Digital - INSPECTOR XL (Pc/Mac/Universal)

A Collection of Powerful Audio Analysis Tools

A new approach to analysis

Inspector XL (IXL) was designed to fulfill a number of familiar analysis tasks with professionalism, style, and finesse. Available as a series of interactive modules, Inspector XL includes six individual, thoughtfully designed plug-ins for: FFT, Spectagram and Third Octave Spectral analysis, flexible level metering, plus phase and correlation, balance, stereo imaging, and statistical clipping with overload analysis. From top to bottom, Inspector XL provides a comprehensive, flexible, and easy-to-use approach.

"I wish I had better meters ... I wish I had better meters ...

How many times have you wished for larger meters? Change the color of your meters? More flexible meters? Or more standard meters than those available in your host DAW? Inspector XL's meters answer all of these needs and more. Amazingly configurable, infinitely usable meters you should not be without. Horizontal and vertical layout with customizable color, range, ballistics, zero reference, and so on. And still supporting standard level meter formats including K-System and IEC Digital PPM. Inspector XL has got you covered with professional meters you can use anywhere and everywhere.

Choices, choices, and more choices

If you like choices "and who doesn't?", Inspector XL offers you plenty. Each module provides a range of color and configuration choices. Use the integrated, easy-to-use color picker to customize the color of your spectral analysis, phase scope or level meter data. Select from FFT, Spectagram, or ISO Third Octave spectral analysis to match your needs. Display all spectral data you need to see: Peak, Peak Hold, Average (or any combination) and choose the default Third Octave analysis data type. View phase in traditional XY or Vector modes or utilize Roger Nichols Digital’s intuitive Polar mode - each individually configurable, of course. Use standard meters if you want or stretch out and customize your Dow integrated or separate peak/RMS; customizable caution and warning zones; plus selectable primary meter type (peak/RMS) are just a few of the available options.

But, wait - there's more

Inspector XL isn't just a pretty face, it was designed with the features you need to make everyday use a joy. Save and Load function means you can save task-specific settings for future reference. Inspector XL's innovative "Import" function allows you to extract color settings, saved spectral snapshots and other selected data from a settings file without over-writing all of your current parameters. And if you're familiar with RND's concept of alarms, you'll appreciate Inspector XL's approach. Extensive alarm functions include warnings for correlation and max band level to over and clipping statistics. Inspector XL even allows you to define a clip in your own terms for statistical analysis relevant to your sessions. Alarm groups and alarm severities let you further customize alarm behavior. Inspector XL has so much to offer..

Professional, flexible, fully customizable, easy-to-use.What more could you want from an analyzer ?

Plug-In Features

FFT Analyzer


Third Octave Analyzer

Lissajous/XY, Vector and Polar Phase Scope

K-System Meter

Digital PPM Meter

Custom Metering

Vertical and Horizontal Level Meters

Stereo Image (Mid-Side) Meters

Balance Meter

Correlation Meter

Comprehensive Alarms

Integrated Color Picker

Completely Customizable

System Requirements:

Mac OS X (10.2+) & Windows XP Compatible - Requires VST, AU, or RTAS host

Price: 299 dollar