ART Teknika - console v1.6 (Pc)

console is a plug-in host that allows you to freely combine plug-ins of different formats such as VST2.0 and DirectX (DX) audio. Its modular system allows for flexible routing, and together with its intuitive user interface, enables sound creation at the next level.

Intuitive and graphical patching of plug-ins and audio devices.

You can visually grasp the signal flow, just as if you were connecting real devices.

Support for VST/VSTi and DirectX (DX) audio plug-ins.

console supports VST effects, VSTi software synthesizers, DirectX audio effects, and DXi software synthesizers. Plug-ins can be interconnected regardless of their format. In other words, console can be used as a VST-DX adapter.

Works as a stand alone host application or as a VST/DX plug-in.

Not only can you use console as a host for various plug-ins, you can also use console itself as a plug-in. As a plug-in, console can be used by any host application that supports VST and/or DX plug-ins.

Swift operation that unleashes the user's imagination.

With console, users can focus on getting their work done without being interrupted. Operations are intuitive thanks to the drag & drop interface, and changes are reflected in real-time in the audio output.

MIDI Learn function for easy control of plug-in parameters.

Say good bye to the hassles of configuring your MIDI equipment. console is equipped with the MIDI Learn function, which allows you to easily link the MIDI controller to the plug-in parameters.

Unlimited simultaneous use of plug-ins.

With console, you can use as many plug-ins and sound channels as you like - you are only limited by your hardware's specifications and your CPU's processing power. For host applications that are limited in the number of plug-ins that can be used, console offers an easy workaround.

Original plug-ins included.

console comes standard with original VST plug-ins, such as a basic mixer and a set of switchers, which will assist you with complex routing tasks.

Support for sending and recieving MIDI clock.

Support for sending and recieving MIDI clock. When used as a stand alone application, console can be synced using MIDI clock. This feature is useful if you wish to use a tempo-synced plug-in to turn console into a stand alone tone generator.

Supports ASIO drivers for high-quality audio playback with low latency.

In addition to ASIO, console also supports DirectSound and MME, so you can use the driver that best suites your situation. For ASIO, multi channel I/O is supported.

Supported Plug-in Formats
If using console as a host

* VST2.0: VST effects, VSTi
* DirectX: DirectX audio plug-ins (DX plug-ins), DXi

If using console as a plug-in

* Operates as a VST effect, VSTi, DX plug-in, or DXi.
* console can host all plug-in types (VST, VSTi, DX, DXi) even when being used as a plug-in.
* There is no limitation on the number of plug-ins that can be used by console. You may, however, be restricted by your environment (i.e. CPU power, amount or RAM).
* When used as a VST plug-in or VSTi, console will support multi-in/out, from "0" to up to "16" outs.

Audio I/O

MME, DirectSound, and ASIO2.0 are supported.
Use of ASIO makes low latency possible.
* Your soundcard must support ASIO.

console supports multiple MIDI ports, regardless of whether it is used as a plug-in or as a stand alone application.
Even when using console as a plug-in, plug-ins can be controlled by MIDI via external ports, independently from the host.
You can also use a physical MIDI controller or the likes to easily control multiple plug-in parameters.
Included Plug-ins
Mini Pattern Sequencer

* CSL_Sequence


* CSL_MM_M2M1 (2 Mono Input / 1 Mono Output)
* CSL_MM_M2S1 (2 Mono Input / 1 Stereo Output)
* CSL_MM_M4M1 (4 Mono Input / 1 Mono Output)
* CSL_MM_M4S1 (4 Mono Input / 1 Stereo Output)
* CSL_MM_S2S1 (2 Stereo Input / 1 Stereo Output)
* CSL_MM_S4S1 (4 Stereo Input / 1 Stereo Output)
* CSL_MM_S6S1 (6 Stereo Input / 1 Stereo Output)
* CSL_MM_S8S1 (8 Stereo Input / 1 Stereo Output)


* CSL_MS_M4 (4 Mono Input)
* CSL_MS_S4 (4 Stereo Input)

Channel Splitter

* CSL_MCS_M1M2 (1 Mono Input / 2 Mono Output)
* CSL_MSC_M1M4 (1 Mono Input / 4 Mono Output)
* CSL_MCS_S1S2 (1 Stereo Input / 2 Stereo Output)
* CSL_MCS_S1S4 (1 Stereo Input / 4 Stereo Output)

Channel Converter

* CSL_MCC_toM (Convert stereo signal to mono)
* CSL_MCC_toS (Convert mono signal to stereo)

Operating System

Microsoft(R) Windows(R) 98SE/Me/2000/XP
(Windows 2000/XP recommended)
Internet Explorer 5.5 or later
DirectX 8.0 or later

Intel(R) Pentium(R)/Celeron(TM) family 800MHz or faster
AMD processors also supported

128MB or greater (256MB or greater recommended)
Hard Disk

100MB available disk space for full installation

SVGA (800x600) or higher resolution display, 16bit color or higher

Plug-in Compatibility

VST plug-ins (VST effects, VSTi)
DirectX audio plug-ins (DX plug-ins, DXi)

* Some plug-ins may not work with console.
* While there is no limit on the number of plug-ins console can use, the maximum number of plug-ins usable will depend greatly on your system configuration.
Audio Interface

Audio hardware compatible with Windows MME, DirectX, and/or ASIO.
* ASIO compatible soundcard recommended.
Required Device

MIDI interface and MIDI controller recommended.


[New Features]
- Automatic loading of the default project file.
At startup, console will automatically load the "default.csp" project file,
which is saved in the same folder as the console1.EXE application file.
- Retaining of switch settings for the audio engine. When console is launched,
the last used settings will be restored. (Note that the settings in default.csp
will be prioritized.)
- Displaying of VST plug-in delays.
(Note) console does not provide delay compensation. You will need to use
another plug-in with delay compensation capability.

[Fixes and Changes]
- Improved handling of MIDI clock sync. The setup procedure has also been
- Improved support for VST TimeInfo. Improvements have been made to better
support plug-ins that require syncing (of tempo, playback position, etc.)
with the host.
- Native fxb/fxp format support for VST plug-in presets.
(Note) Preset files from previous versions of console are no longer supported.
To use your existing presets, export them in fxb/fxp format.
- Changed internal process for loading VST plug-ins. console can now use some
plug-ins that were previously incompatible.
- Updated GUI and skins.
- Improved access to MIDI ports in Plug-in Mode.
- Plug-in GUIs now opened at the center of the screen.
- Audio engine no longer stopped when opening/closing setup windows during
playback. Playback will be paused, but the power button will remain ON.
- Fixed bugs in changing VST plug-in presets via MIDI CC.
- Increased number of presets for included plug-ins to 128.


USD 54.00