Arturia minimoog V 1.6 (Pc/Mac/Universal)

This is the v1.6 update of the minimoog V. This update is not compatible with the demo version. This update does not require the previous minimoog V updates to be installed on your computer.

What's new:

* Universal Binary support
* Vst 2.4 \ Cubase 4 ready
* Factory presets have been checked and retuned
* Bug fix: the oscillator does not detune anymore

To install this update, you will need to insert the original installation CD into your CD-ROM drive.

The update installer does not automatically replace every instance of the VST plug-in installed on your computer. Please check (and if need be, update "manually") the VST plug-ins directory associated with your host applications (PC only).

From the homepage:
We decided to reproduce the legendary interface with the same look and feel than the original because of its particular "mood" and because many musicians wish to use the same interface they used in the past.

But the reproduction of this synthesizer does not stop to the look and feel, we also recreated its inside characteristics.

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So what makes the sound of the minimoog ?

First, the oscillators. We recreate the exact characteristics of each oscillator, with their particular sound. As with any discrete component analog oscillator, the minimoog V produces "free-running" waveforms that we have captured in our sound.

Secondly, the filter. Many digital filters have some characteristics which are very far from their analog references. The minimoog V filter has the same characteristics as the original minimoog one, i.e. its frequency and emphasis are completely independent. The minimoog V filter is an true emulation of the renowned typical 24dB moog 4 stages filter. Another feature of the minimoog filter is the emphasis decreases when the cutoff frequency is low. This allows a special characteristic of sound that lets the bass pass throught the filter when playing lower sounds.

The soft clipping behaviour of the minimoog amplification stages is also very important in the sound character, adding some pleasant harmonics to the sound, making basses sound more powerful.

Price: 249 dollar