Cycling - Pluggo 3.6.1 (Pc/Mac/Universal)


* Now supports Max-4.6.2-built plug-ins.
* Fixed problems with scanning the VST folders in AU and RTAS when a bogus plug-in exists in that folder.
* Fixed various bugs in many plug-ins.
* Fixed host-sync problems in Cyclotron, EnvFollower, Slice-n-Dice, and Xformer plug-ins, etc.

A collection of more than 100 extraordinary real-time plug-in audio effects and virtual instruments for RTAS, VST, and Audio Unit applications.

Pluggo is available for Mac OS X and Windows XP. Choose the version that is right for you and your system. Pluggo operates in a demo mode with periodically interrupted audio output until you purchase and authorize it. Pluggo Junior is a set of free plug-ins from the Pluggo collection. Please read the system requirements before downloading and the important installation notes.

More About Pluggo

There has never been anything close to the selection of plug-ins assembled in Pluggo. With its range of sound design possibilities, Pluggo 3.5 is more than just a few effects-it's a real-time interactive audio processing, modulation, and synthesis environment that works right inside your favorite audio application. Effects categories include delays, filters, pitch effects, distortion, granulation, spectral effects, modulators, multi-channel effects, synthesizers, audio routing, reverb and dynamics, and visual display. It's easy to see why Pluggo has been winning rave reviews from critics and users since its release.

Originally just 74 eccentric plug-ins such as the legendary Feedback Network, Tapped Delay, and Swish, Version 3 added over 19 Essential Instruments–tasty and nourishing instrument plug-ins in a variety of flavors for your Audio Units, VST, or RTAS host application. These elegant and immediately effective instruments were created by eowave, the developers of the iSynth, and make full use of award-winning Max/MSP audio programming environment. While space only allows us to tempt you with a few descriptions, you'll find something for every palate, from the characteristically midwestern self-effacement of the Pretty Good Synth, to additive synths, analog-modeling drum and percussion synths, sampling, granular synthesis, FM synthesis, and some lovely waveshaping for that little sonic something extra. And you can seamlessly combine these exciting new instruments with Pluggo effects plug-ins and modulator plug-ins for a world of sonic possibilities you'll never exhaust.

As you look over the tantalizing list of plug-ins at right, you might wonder how all this shameless abundance is possible. The answer lies in the power of Cycling '74's Max/MSP audio processing system and its plug-in development tools. Pluggo uses a run-time version of Max/MSP. Since all the plug-ins run within the same environment, they can work together behind the back of your sequencer. For example, the PluggoBus system lets plug-ins send up to eight channels of audio to each other, exploding the limitation of one or two outputs per plug-in in audio sequencers. Pluggo also sports a set of Modulators--plug-ins that mess with the parameters of other plug-ins in cool and unusual ways.

The Pluggo Concept

We started developing Pluggo with a breathtakingly simple yet radical concept: lots of interesting plug-ins for a modest price. We wanted people who would never consider paying hundreds of dollars for a single plug-in to find the Pluggo deal impossible to resist. Since Max/MSP allows you to make so much cool audio stuff so quickly, we could prototype an effect in minutes and then ask, "Would we pay a buck or two for this?" The result is that ideas that would been rejected by other plug-in developers have become the stars of the parade. Raindrops? Sine Bank? Phone Filter? Then there's the stuff that is simply unlike anything you've ever plugged in, like Spectral Filter, Feedback Network, Granular-to-Go, and Noyzckippr.

Pluggo includes MIDI support when used with Audio Units, VST, and RTAS host applications. Pluggo plug-ins can send and receive MIDI information, and Max/MSP developers can now develop their own MIDI processor plug-ins and virtual MIDI instruments.

Pluggo includes support for host synchronization for Audio Units, VST, and RTAS host applications. Pluggo plug-ins support beat-synchronized parameter changes, sample-accurate tempo sync for a plug-in's modulating LFOs, and tempo-relative settings for plug-in parameters such as delay time.

Price: 199 dollar