Devine Machine Software - vMinion (Pc/Mac/Universal)

From the homepage:
Devine Machine are pleased to announce that vMinion, an advanced successor to the free "Minion" VST plug-in for both PC and Mac OS X, is now available.

When you just have to have four filters being modulated by a total of twelve LFOs, with 64-bit effects, StepSequencer, Tempo Delays, MIDI In/Out control, you need vMinion!

vMinion is allows for four separate effect paths (with four dedicated tempo-syncable stereo deleays) to be routed in a variety of configurations.

vMinion includes a bunch of new effects (121 different effect types!), including the Vellocet vFilter class set, allowing for some lush filtering with a wide selection of filters and options at your disposal.


- (4) Stereo 64-bit effect modules, configurable in series or parallel

- Over 100 effect types to choose from for each module

- Internally-modulated effect parameters from tempo-based LFOs/StepSequencer/Envelope Follower

- StepSequencer can snap to a varitey of scales and can be remotely automated (MIDI/VSTParams)

- MIDI out ability - generate MIDI CC's or Monophonic Notes from any ball/axis!

- MIDI in ability - retrigger LFO's and/or set Filter Frequency from MIDI notes. (Jam on a flanger!)

- Dedicated delays for each module with 4 delay modes (Recursive / Post, regular / X-delay)

- Native C++ coding with IntelMac support

- 60+ presets

- simple registration key file means no intrusive copyprotection: no installers, run it on multiple computers, etc!

- Bonus - 1x4 (one stereo in, four stereo out) and 4x1 (four stereo in, one stereo out) versions for OSX and PC!

demo restriction - silence/quiet sines once a minute
Price: 50 dollar