ExpDigital - GFlux (Pc/Mac/Universal)

GFlux is a multi mode modulated filter. But this simple description fails to do justice to the complex sound design tool that GFlux is!
We started with four independant filters, each capable of outputing Low Pass, Band Pass, High Pass, Notch and Peak filter types simultaneously. Then we added four modulation blocks to give expression to your sound.
Each modulation block can be either, A drawable LFO, the loop envelope, and ADSR or an envelope follower. Every filter parameter is modulatable from these sources via the extensive modulation matrix. You can also apply arithmetic functions to your control signals to vary the sound even more! For example you could multiply two modulators together, or choose the maximum modulation value from two sources!
The core of GFlux is the concept of the 'flow'. Each flow represents a different filter layout, controlling which filters feed to others. The flows range from simple 8 pole filters right through to insane serial / parallel networks. These flows cover almost all the possibilities for routing and combined with the separate level control for each filter state you can create amazingly complex filter responses. We've also thrown in everything that you would expect from a top flight plugin - Loads of presets (over 80), Full midi and host control of all sound altering parameters, Detailed manual and great technical support!

Technical Specification

* 64 Bit internal processing
* Midi control and host automation of all sound altering parameters
* VST 2.3 Compliant
* 11 Different distortion types
* Configurable distortion position in signal flow
* 18 Different signal flows
* Four independant state variable filters
* Each filter is capable of simultaneous output of
o Low pass
o Band pass
o High pass
o Notch
o Peak
* Filter frequency range: 30Hz - Half sample rate
* Filter capable of self oscillation at high resonance levels
* 4 Modulator banks each offering
o Drawable LFO - draw in your own LFO waveforms and create custom wacky automation.
o Loop envelope - Step sequencer
o ADSR envelope - Standard ADSR triggerable with midi notes
o Envelope follower - To track the peaks of an incoming signal
* 2 Modulation math blocks each offering 23 different arithmetic types, allowing you to apply modulation signals to other modulators
* Modulation matrix allows every filter parameter to be controlled by a modulator
* Load of presets included with the download, plus more available to registered users in the near future!
* Drag and drop installation
* Serial code copy protection

Additional information

Minimum System Specifications

* Windows XP or 2000 (Windows) or OS X 10.4 Tiger (Macintosh) or higher
* 1GHz Pentium III class processor (Pentium 4 class or higher recommended) or equivalent Athlon (Windows)
* Apple Powermac G4 (Powermac G5 highly recommended) or any Intel based Macintosh
* 256Mb RAM (512Mb+ highly recommended)
* 30Mb free disk space for installation
* VST 2.3 (Windows / Mac) compliant host application. Please note that Live on Mac-Intel machines only supports VST 2.4

Price: 65 British pounds