Kotkas - Paax Pro v3.1.1 (Pc)


* Improved MicroGranular rendering quality when up-shifting

Paax, a powerful VST sampler that matches many of the features of expensive samplers. Paax is available both in a limited freeware version and as the full-feature Paax Pro sampler, for a very low fee!

Paax Features

* Up to 128 presets per bank.
* Up to 84 splits per preset and 8 dual velocity-layers (16 samples) per split.
* 256 simultaneous voices*.
* Plays 8/16/24/32 bit**, mono/stereo wav files @ any sample rate.
* Low CPU consumption.
* Low aliasing resampling technology, 32 bit audio engine.
* 3 envelope controls (DAHDSR) per preset: amplitude, pitch and filter cutoff.
* 3 configurable LFOs per preset: tremolo, vibrato and filter cutoff with optional delay.
* All envelopes and oscillators can be synchronized to MIDI tempo.
* New Micro-Granular pitch-shifting option for transposing sounds without affecting duration/timbre.
* New bank format offers choice for embedded or referenced samples.
* Capable of importing SoundFonts (.sf2) and AKAI S5000/6000 programs (.akp)
* Fully automatable.
* VST 2.3 compatible.

* Freeware version is limited to 64 voice polyphony.
** Freeware version can only load 8/16 bit wavs.

Paax Pro offers the following features that the freeware version does not have:

* 256 simultaneous voices (Freeware version is limited to 64 voice polyphony).
* Loads 8/16/24/32bit, mono/stereo wav files.
* Optional direct disk streaming of samples with configurable buffer size.
* Access to advanced control panel for each split-layer-channel.
* Access to sample editor controls for setting and tweaking the MicroGranular pitch-shifting option. Transpose sounds without affecting their duration/timbre!
* Ability to fully edit SoundFonts and convert them into .pax banks.
* Up to 4 stereo VST outputs with individual attenuation and pan controls. Different splits can be routed to separate outputs!

Paax 3 Pro New Features

* Improved MicroGranular time-domain technology for advanced time-stretching and pitch-shifting; individual settings for sound duration, fundamental (tone) and harmonics (timbre) transposition!
* New multi-mode resonant filter (low pass, high pass, band pass and band stop) with up to 30 dB resonance.
* New direct disk streaming option for straight-from-the-drive sample playback (no need for lots of RAM!).
* New stereo flanger effect.
* New import of DS-404 preset files (.404).
* Up to 256 voice polyphony.
* Optimized audio engine (~20% faster).
* New GUI with a fresh style in light colors.
* New option for circular/linear knob action.

What are the requirements for using Paax?

Paax is a VSTi (Virtual Studio Technology) instrument plug-in that runs on any Windows VST compatible host; typically an audio sequencer like Cubase, Nuendo, N-Track Studio, etc. All you need is a PC (Pentium II or higher, 128 MB RAM min., Win 98/NT/2000/XP), a soundcard, and a VST compatible host (ASIO compatible host/card provide a lower latency).

Price: $45 USD