KV331 Audio - SynthMaster FREE! v1.0.1.44 (Pc/Free)


* Unison voices increased to 8.
* Unison pan spread parameter added. You can use easy parameters/MIDI links to use this parameter.
* Now Synthmaster responds to "all voices off" (CC 123) message.
* Added a volume level indicator status bar pane to SynthMaster standalone.
* New installer.
* SynthMaster 64 cents out of tune.
* Now mouse CC generation can be disabled from the I/O Setup screen (standalone) so that mouse movements don't freeze.
* Knobs now work in "linear" mode instead of "circular".
* Synthmaster Standalone stops playback when using MME devices and changing parameters via mouse.
* Normalized preset volume levels.

SynthMaster FREE! is a full working version of SynthMaster with only 3 limitations:

* 2 plug-in instances (for VST, VSTi and RTAS versions)
* 5 voices per instance polyphony
* 10 bits resolution for audio input

System Requirements

* Windows 2000/XP SP2
* 256 MB RAM (Minimum), 512 MB recommended
* 800 Mhz Processor (Minimum), 1.8 Ghz recommended
* 1024 x 768 Screen resolution
* For VST/VSTi versions: VST host application supporting VST2.0 and above
* For RTAS version: ProTools 6.4 and above