MusE v0.9pre1 released (Linux/Free)

MusE is a MIDI/Audio sequencer with recording and editing capabilities written by Werner Schweer. MusE aims to be a complete multitrack virtual studio for Linux, it is published under the GNU General Public License. MusE has among other things support for:

* Midi sequencing
o Record/Playback/Import
o Input filter
* Audio sequencing
o Record/Playback several mono/stereo inputs/outputs.
o Use effects
o Nice routing features
o AudioGroups
o Perform audio effects like chorus/flanger!
* Jack
o Use the Jack Audio Connection Kit for midi/audio routing.
o Internal Audio Routing Interface
* ALSA - based on the Advanced Linux Sound Architecture

You can use several soundcards to access external midi devices and record/playback them with MusE.
But MusE is much more.

MusE is a multitrack virtual studio for Linux that has support for sequencing of both midi and audio and has, among other things, support for LADSPA, Jack and ALSA.
Some Highlights

* NEW Advanced jack audio routing possibilities
* NEW Automation architecture for both midi and audio
* Improved Better midi controller abstraction: available midi controller can be defined in instrument definition file (*.idf) idf
* Improved Integrated mixer with:
o NEWUnlimited number of inputs
o NEWUnlimited number of outputs
o NEWUnlimited number of tracks
o NEWUnlimited number of aux's
o LADSPA effects on all track types, both before and after fader
o Stereo/Mono track types
* Improved interface changes, the TrackInfo pane is used more
* Improved Midi instrument definition files (*.idf)
* Improved Lots of customization options
* NEW Shortcut editor
* NEW Drag and drop import of midi files
* NEW Drag and drop import of wave files
* Standard midifile (smf) import-/export
* RTC (Real time clock) use for rock solid timing
* Advanced arranger with track and part abstractions.
* midi editors:
o Pianoroll,
o Drum editor,
o List editors,
o Controller editors
* Realtime editing of "everything"
* Unlimited number of open editors
* Unlimited undo/redo
* Realtime and step-recording
* Multiple midi devices
* Unlimited number of tracks, both midi and audio
* Audio playback/recording
* Sync to external and internal devices/applications:
o Midi Clock
o Master/Slave
o NEW Jack transport enabled
* LADSPA effects
* Integrated softsynth architecture M.E.S.S
o Several internal synths available
o Simple architecture for adding more synths
o NEW support for industry standard Windows VSTi softsynths
* JACK enabled
* ALSA sequencer client
* LASH enabled (formerly LADCCA)
* Raw midi device usage through ALSA
* XML based project files
* XML based configuration files
* project file contains complete app state (session data)
* Application spanning Cut/Paste Drag/Drop
* uses C++, QT3.2 GUI Library, STL

And the most important feature for a free application:

* GPL Licenced

This is the first prerelease of MusE 0.9.

The main feature improvement in 0.9 is the addition of plugin automation as well as fixes to the already present automation features (they actually work now). There is no graphical automation editor as will be present in 1.0, all automatable parameters do however have a right click menu as a working replacement.

There is usage information concerning automation embedded in the ChangeLog so be sure to read the relevant parts. There are also a bunch of other fixes and
improvements, check the ChangeLog for a complete list.

For those about to R^Dtest, be sure to report your findings here or (preferably) file a bug report on the tracker
There are known bugs (see tracker), some of which we still are trying to fix, we do however want your feedback as to all unknown issues.

Excerpt from the ChangeLog:
* Adopted RT locking method from 1.0 branch.
* Fixed old bug - DoubleLabel right click causes popup and runaway increment.
* Changing global tempo now updates things. (Like resizing wave tracks).
* Fixed ladspa plugin automation not working until plugin displayed.
* Select right item when stacked on top of each other, for p-roll and arranger
* Apply effect rack before sending aux
* Auto assign internal softsynths upon creation
* New method for pasting parts, keep original spacing, fixes bug #1516294
* Muting of midi-tracks no longer mute input, bug #1092343
* Fixed issue with playing of controllers when moving playhead, bug #1316542
* Cached peak files now updated when wave files are more recent, bug #1469177
* Fixed bug with recording notes to existing part, bug #1552783
* MusE now asks when imported wave file has differing samplerate, bug #1428248
* Fix for pianoroll selection of events in/outside loop with respect to offset
* Added rubberband scrolling in arranger, drumedit and pianoroll, bug #1057732
* Changed colours of audio-out and wave strip names to match icon colours
* Fixed aux sending
* Fix logarithmic feedback to plugin sliders
* Fixed multiple part undo for move,drag and copy in arranger, bug #1516298
* Fixed multiple note undo for move and drag in pianoroll
* Fixed cursor placement in List Editor upon deleting events bug #1417718
* Fixed soloing. Also multiple soloing now allowed.
* Enabled solo buttons on the mixer strips.
* Fixed major issues with rack plugin moving, saving and loading.
* Fixed problems with multiple tempo changes and incorrect wave part lengths.
* Changed plugin code to use double instead of float to stop certain errors
* Fixed some minor spelling mistakes.
* Fixed issues with audio track automation.
* Fixed very 'jumpy' volume sliders and pan knobs under automation.
* Fixed several other small problems. For example a duplicate define in song.h
* Changed the way audio track automation works.
* Full LADSPA plugin automation.
* fluidsynth: fixed pitchbend events, fixes bug #1404212
* Editing volume and pan with keyboard on audio strip now works
* Fixed issue with recording audio, fifo could overflow with small jack sizes
* fixed storing of files with relative path when "under" the project path