The Musicrow Group - Vinyl Boy (Pc)

Vinyl Boy brings DJ scratching directly to your studio, with the advantage of precise midi treatment for the exact results you need. With Vinyl Boy you can scratch your audio tracks in real time- just open it as an insert effect on the track that you want to scratch, and use your modulation wheel for the authentic feeling and touch of vinyl scratching!

Operation Instructions:
1. Open Vinyl Boy as an insert effect on the track that you want to scratch.
2. You are going to use your modulation wheel for scratching, so you have to send MIDI to Vinyl Boy. Open a MIDI track on your host sequencer, and send the output of that MIDI track to Vinyl Boy (Vinyl Boy is listening to all midi channels so there is no need to select a specific midi channel).
3. Now you can use your modulation wheel to scratch your audio track in real time.

Enjoy your scratching!

System requirements:

* Processor Pentium 4/AMD 1500 MHz or better
* RAM 128 MB or more
* Free disc space 2 MB of hard disk space
* Operating System Windows 95 to Windows XP
* Host Application Cubase SX/SL, Nuendo (1.5 or higher) or other VST 2.0 compatible host application.
Midi Controller with Modulation-Wheel and Pitch-Bend is recommended.

Price: $19.99