Naokit72 - Saxi Player v1.0.2 beta (Pc/Free)


* Improved MIDI process.
* Less noise in fast playing.
* Smoothed loop connection of sample.
* Halved time to load data.
* Load last program on start (depends on host).
* Expand notes of outer range of real saxophone.
* Fixed bugs on loading library path (previous version have a defect in managing "application data" folder, and in reading paths including spaces).
* Vibrato corrected (previous version has inversed phases between LFO and pitch up down).

From the homepage:
VSTi Plugin。
You don't need to install the program, although you have to specify the library path in which
sample datas ( alto.dat , tenor.dat, ... ) place, with hitting "LIB" button.
Program save the path so no need to do this after you do it once.


Sample data of real saxophone souds.
Format:22.1kHz, 16bit
(recordin format:48kHz, 24bit)

only with windows xp
I tested with sonor ver.4 and minihost.

copryright with Naokit72.