Novuzeit - THE HANDS OF DARKNESS v1.5 Clenched (Pc)

* Complete rebuild of synth, now a cleaner sound and (slightly) less CPU drain
* New 70% more menacing GUI with all parameters labeled plus verbose tooltips
* New features added like “Bad”, “Vile Corruption”, and “Evil”. Fun stuff
* New HTMLized user’s manual - now you can understand this crazy thing
* All FX units re:tweaked for more “ommpf” in the sound
* New analog-filter module implemented, sounds much better than the old one did
* More LFOs added, now nearly every parameter supports LFO automation now (even the ADSR)
* Now includes over 80 presets

From the homepage:
Dysfunctioning circuit boards, growling gutteral monsters, haunted bogs and creepy moors...


The Hands Of Darkness - "Clenched" represents an innovative and highly esoteric concept culminated into tangible VST form. The idea? A software synthesizer for but one purpose, to create dark, unsettling, and intentionally malfunctioning-sounding textures. The Hands Of Darkness - "Clenched" is ideal if you're a noise artist, a soundtrack producer for horror films/games, an ambient/industrial/experimental music purveyor, or simply an aural marauding hobbiest looking for something completely different.


The Hands Of Darkness - "Clenched" is at heart a synthesizer consisting of three layered oscillators called Hands using abstract mathematics to form their wavetables. These Hands layers emit idiosyncratic tones which are sequentially molested by an entourage of onboard FX into menacing sounds. Using a series of dry/wet controls and numerous volume sliders, these Hands ultimately combine into one final synergy of delightful corruption. Create subtle warbly puddles of mercury, harsh abrasive fields of rust, or robotic cascades of binary dementia; ghostly drones or even morphing dissonant cavalcades. There is no end to the variety and insanity of The Hands Of Darkness - "Clenched".


The Hands Of Darkness - "Clenched" wouldn't be much of a synthesizer if it didn't have onboard FX, and it does indeed. Firstly each Hands layer has two LFOs that act as FX themselves, one automates the bandwidth of the Hands oscillator, the other corrupts its root pitch. Next an ADSR shapes the tone to whatever form you desire. After that, a buffer-sizeable harmonic pitchshift further deviates the tone. Following that, a granulizer chops and slices and reforms the tone. Next, a bitcrushing unit corrupts the tone into a harsh beast. Afterwards, a delay is introduced for dub-style, or comb-filter-style feedback. And lastly, an autopan and analog-modeled filter finish up the FX train. Very usefully, each FX unit has its own dry/wet slider which supports internal LFO automation. And best of all, each FX itself has an integrated LFO to automate the FX's parameters themselves for some truly amazing variety (and easy patch making ;). Lastly, a global reverb rounds things up allowing for everything from subtle echos to total cavernous feedback.


The Hands Of Darkness V1.0 has become The Hands Of Darkness V1.5 - "Clenched". This evolution is much more than a simple version upgrade. While it is true that some bugs have been fixed, NOVUZEIT didn't just stop there. Besides optimizing the internal signal flow (due to a complete reprogramming of the entire synthesizer from scratch), the original GUI has been completely overhauled to look more menacing. Perhaps most importantly of all, V1.5 has many new features which the original V1.0 lacks. Now nearly every parameter has a self-automating LFO besides just FX themselves (including every paramater of the ADSR), velocity-softening sliders for each layer, plus this new version allows each FX unit to be turned OFF to save CPU processing. Last but certainly not least, three new effects have been added to each layer. "Bad Math" introduces random boolean logic into the Hands algorithms for even more tonal variety. "Vile Corruption" is a new type of distortion for each Hands layer. And finally, "Evil" corrupts how the synthesizer handles its pitch control for creating completely decadent sounds. This new version of The Hands Of Darkness certainly lives up to its namesake, with its hands "clenched" firmly and fully for white knuckled hardcore sounds. Speaking of sounds, the new version has over 80 presets, many of which go beyond pads to prove that The Hands Of Darkness - "Clenched" can make some wicked leads as well.

The full version of The Hands Of Darkness - "Clenched" gets rid of the random silence,
includes over 80 presets, and a complete HTML User Reference Manual.

The Hands Of Darkness - "Clenched" is currently only $34.95 USD.