Outsim - SynthMaker v0.9.9 (Pc)

New Release 0.9.9

This release corrects the audio stuttering issues that sometimes occur during preset changes. There's a new, much requested module for formatting and displaying numbers on a front panel. We've also made some improvements to the filter bar to ensure that the buttons are always visible regardless of the window size.

This will be the last point release before version 1.

Additions and fixes:

– The preset switching mechanism has been improved to correct the audio stuttering issue
– Fixed a bug in the bitmap caching that was saving bitmaps with the schematic despite the bitmap not being in use
– The time for toolbox and schematic tooltips to close has been increased
– Fixed an issue with the Int/Float/String Array Get At components - these now save and restore their current values
– The progress dialog for loading and saving now only accepts the Escape key as a means of cancelling the operation
– Cancelling a schematic load after double-clicking on the file was crashing on closing the application
– Fixed a small memory deletion issue when closing the application
– The filter bar buttons now wrap into additional columns when your window size can't accommodate them in a single column
– The progress dialog no longer appears above all other windows so you can switch apps during loading and saving without this getting in the way
– The text on the Ramp component output label was showing an incorrect output range of -1 to 1 instead of 0 to 1
– Fixed a problem with the application hanging when resizing so that the height of the schematic window is exactly zero
– New Float Label module for formatting and displaying numbers on a front panel

New Modules:

– Float Label

What Is SynthMaker?
SynthMaker is a graphical programming environment for creating VST instruments and effects plug-ins.

You can also use SynthMaker to learn about and experiment with digital signal processing so it's a great educational tool as well.

SynthMaker is the ultimate sound synthesiser. Create your own instruments and effects to use in your music or to share with others. Learn about and experiment with sound synthesis and digital signal processing techniques.

Price: 95 euro