Sensomusic - Usine v2.4 (Pc/Free)

Latest News

New version (2.4)

New features:

-fade in/out on Mute/solo/onoff of the track mixer
-grain-sampler module (change the speed of a sample without affect the pitch) [see new examples in the add-section]
-array inlet/outlet in step modules
-append button in conductor lite panel to memorize scenes quickly
-menu Edit/Delete

Fixed bugs:

-some VST parameters aren't visible in the patch (posted by lalo)
-aux send busses order (posted by lalo)
-problem with some VST's in the preset manager module
-export wav files in sub-patches
-array’s memorization in conductor recall
-send midi out problems in Patch Remote Mode assigned midi channel

Usine is an patch oriented sound software where you can add plug-ins and connect them without restriction. The main purpose of this program is to provide a real time analysis of an input signal and then react with, and modify plug-in parameters to produce the sound.


Build modular sound processing: creates patch with "modules" and connect them by virtual wires very simply.
Analyse input or generated sound, for example pitch, peaks or dynamics to create adaptive effects, modify any parameter in real time.
Use the built-in virtual mixing table to mix the sound produced by different patchs on each tracks (up to 16).
Organize patchs, sounds, and effects on a timeline with the sequencer mode. Create complex automations curves.
Unlimited number of internal audio buses.
SMPTE synchronization with external sequencers. MIDI Time Code and MIDI Machine Control support.
Create huge, creative or stupid audio routing within the mixing table. For example, routing, a patch output to another patch input, or create a virtual master effect send and return, etc.
Manage 16 external audio sources (8 stereo) and apply different effects to any of them.
Create flexible Surround or 5.1 projects: all audio tracks are 5.1 or 6.0. The output sound can routed to any of the 16 available outputs, depending on your sound card.
Create inserts patchs on any input / output channels. For example a master limiter or a master reverb.
Complete VST® processing: You can use any VST instruments or effect in patchs and modify any VST Parameter in real time. Create a front-end simple interface.
Complete MIDI automation: assign any Usine visual object to a midi controller very simply by using the midi-learn command. Complete integration of motorized external controllers.
Complete MIDI input/output management, for VSTi instruments or external expanders.
Load up to 256 patchs in memory in a "grid" and activate them as you want in real time.
Synchronize patchs and VST plug-ins with a master tempo. Use unusual and absurd tempo from 0! To 10000000000!
Record your creations directly on the hard disk in real time: separate tracks, inputs and outputs.
All Usine functions are "real-time", and you can resample, modify, input sound on the fly.
Of course, save patchs, complete workspaces, and configurations, for a very quick adaptation to different projects.
Use any sample rate, depending on your Asio sound card. Usine has a 32 bit floating point audio engine.