Sinus - GoldenGate v2.2 (Pc)

GoldenGate 2.2 VST for PC (shareware)
- advanced stereo audio gate
- linear, logarithmic or soft release curve
- synchronized gating (up to 16 channels)
- soft gating
- 32 bit internal precision
- Sinus Wave Display Interface (SWDI)
- large displays for parameters and gate state
- easy handling
- full parameter automation
- trigger signal filter (high/mid/low)

new in version 2.2

- look ahead processing

GoldenGate has been tested with Cubase VST, Nuendo, WaveLab, VST Processor and Ableton Live.
The demo version provides full function, but every now and then pops up a message window to remind you that GoldenGate is shareware.

Price: 25 dollar