Svartling - Afraid of silence

Svartling - Afraid of silence

My music are inspired by artists like Tim Hecker, Fennesz, Mitchell Akiyama, Desormais and many more Ambient Noise artists.
My music is not for the "normal" listener, but for those who like new thinking, artistic and creative music.
It's all instrumental and full of feelings.

All tracks are made with Audio only in Ableton Live 3. I have not used any Midi at all.
I've created Some of the sounds in AudioMulch, and then I "sculpt" them in Ableton Live with the built-in filters and plugins, until they sounded as I wanted them to sound.
Then I layered them down and worked with the envelopes for weeks with every track. I wanted every mili-second to sound exactly as I wanted.

And by the way, The noise should be there you know, it's nothing wrong with your headphones :)

To hear all the details, my music are headphones essential.

All tracks where planned to be released on a full album called "Afraid of Silence" on the Label Databloem Records.

Actually the track "Afraid of silence" was released on their Collection 3 compilation in a special "short" version I didn't like.
I didn't like to cut down that track because when I did that, much of the "soul" was gone too, and they didn't master it well either...

Databloem wanted me to create 50 minutes for the album but I only got around 40 minutes.
When I had a hard time creating something they was satisfied with, we both lost interest in each other in the process.

So the album was never released.

So I decided to relase them for free, so here they are:

1. Haunting Wind | Download

2. Shell Keeper | Download

3. Canyon Sweeper | Download

4. Afraid of silence | Download

5. Passing by | Download

6. Electric City | Download

Feel free to download them all. Please report any download link errors.

Afraid Of Silence by Svartling is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial 3.0 License.

Permissions beyond the scope of this license may be available at Making Music.

You can also listen to Hidden Star - a tribute to Tangerine Dream.


  1. You can now also digg it on the Swedish site here.

  2. Anonymous03:49

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  3. Thanks.
    I host them there because I didn't know any others, thanks for the tip!

  4. Anonymous04:27

    Well I just heard Afraid of Silence on the DroneZone stream and liked it. But sadly all these links are broken :(

    Ah well...


  5. Yeah. I know. Do you know any good place to host them?

    I need a place where I could "hot link" them on my own site.

  6. I have now updated the links to listen and download my music.
    Now the links works! :)

  7. Anonymous02:13

    A great free hosting site is

  8. i love this collection of tracks.. beautifully crafted ambient noise..could love to hear more of your work

  9. Thanks!
    You can listen to these tracks too:


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