Tascam - GVI 3.52 (Pc)


* Bank / Patch Manager:
The following functionality has been added to the Loaded Instrument Viewer:
o Right-click an instrument to display the Bank/Patch Manager interface:
+ Pressing “Resolve All Conflicts” will automatically assign new Bank/Patch values to loaded instruments to eliminate duplicates.
+ The bank and/or patch number of the selected instrument can be manually changed.

* In 3.51, certain audio interfaces that use buffer latencies that are not multiples of 128 could cause garbled audio.
* Previously, when running in standalone mode, the output could become saturated under certain conditions.
* Previously, instruments within a GIG file could not be loaded when the Windows preference for hiding known file extensions was enabled (Windows default).
* Previously, GVI could become unstable if Mute or Solo was pressed on the MIDI Mixer while receiving MIDI.
* Previously, GVI could become unstable if the UI was closed while loading instruments.

TASCAM's GVI was created to attract, impact and engage any musician who wants the best for thier production. From idea to performance - the best sound quality. GVI's development team's first thought is always usability. We strive to make the process enjoyable and hassle-free.
At your fingertips

Loading instruments has never been easier. Point, click, load, and play, it's that simple 16 separate instruments or stack 16 instruments for that very unique sound, the choice is yours.

One look at our award-winning work and you'll see why music professionals come to rely on GVI for there audio-production needs.

With a click of a button

TASCAM's GVI offers comprehensive editing features for the on-the-go artist. Let's face it, time is money and your time is valuable. We understand and share your passion. Whether you're producing an entire musical, developing a commercial hit song or providing backing tracks for live performance, we make our software flexible enough to work in the way that best meets your needs.

At the heart of GVI is a sampler engine designed to provide rich, dense sounds that can be tweaked and manipulated to a high degree and in great detail. The General Tab edit features such as Volume Modulation, Velocity Response, and Tuning all automatable by your host DAW application.

Go ahead - attack, decay, sustain and release

TASCAM's GVI Envelopes are used to control how a sound changes over time, changing volume, pitch, modulation, LFO, etc. GVI's envelopes feature offers the ability to create complex multi-segment envelopes which can really bring your sounds to life.

Filter freak

TASCAM's GVI filter section gives you the tools to start simple and then go crazy. This classic section of synth control has been used in countless hit records and thousands of songs the world over. With Low-Pass, High-Pass, Band-Pass filters completely automatable, GVI becomes a great expressive tool for any music situation.

Price 399 dollar.