Wavosaur - v1.0.0.4430 (Pc/Free)

21-nov-2006 version

- Audio input sample rate for recording: 11025, 22050, 44100, 48000, 96000, 192kHz supported.
- Huge optimisation of the graphic engine..
- Audio input optimisation : double buffering engine.
- Audio input bit depth selection added: 8 or 16 bits (in .cfg file only).
- Last recording frequency saved in wav file.
- Zoom behaviour for max value modified to avoid redrawing.
- Possibility to change loop and markers during playing without changing playbar position.
- Markers and loop behaviour upgraded (for suppr and cut and paste function).
- Possibility to kill one marker by selecting the marker + "suppr" keys simultaneously.
- 8, 24 & 32 bits wav extraction optimized.
- Spectrum analysis: Gaussian 5 & 10 added (a coefficient) for windowing.
- Minor bugfix with the editor view.

Wavosaur is an audio sample editor for Windows XP with all the classic fonctions
- Cut/Paste/Trim, loop points creation.

Wavosaur will support VST plugins, and chaining VST.
You can download a free alpha for testing.