Zynewave - Podium 1.73 (Pc)

* Added level fade and panning properties to sound events. Use the event context menu or press Shift+Enter to open the Event Fade Properties dialog. The properties include an overall gain/panning setting, and fade in/out with adjustable curve.

* Placing the mouse over any track event will draw a black frame around the event to highlight which event will be influenced by an edit action.

* Placing the mouse over sequence and sound events will show handles that can be dragged to alter the event size and fade properties. Sound events will additionally show an outline of the fade curve.

* When the mouse is placed over one of the sound event fade handles the fade curve is highlighted and the fade in/out time or event gain value is written at the bottom of the event.

* Clicking and dragging the horizontal gain bar up/down will adjust the event gain in 0.1 dB steps.

* Double-clicking the fade in/out handles or the gain bar will open the Event Fade Properties dialog with focus set to the corresponding value edit field.

* Added "Program Change" and "Volume" to the default MIDI parameters that are created when importing instrument plugins.

This version implements an updated version of the .pod file format. To be able to revert to an earlier Podium version, please make backups of your project files before you resave the projects with this version.

Podium Feature Overview
· Wave files with up to 32 channels incl. all standard surround sound setups.
· Support for the RF64 wave file format used with files larger than 4GB.
· Each track can route up to 32 channels through plugins and mixer busses.
· Edit all or selected channels with the integrated sound editor.
· Mixer bus mappings allow mono and stereo sounds to be mixed into any channels of a multi-channel arrangement.
Multi-channel audio
Mixer busses
· Create up to 100 mixer bus instances.
· Send and return mappings can be placed freely in the track hierarchy.
· A mixer bus return can be assigned on multiple tracks.
· A mixer bus can feed into other mixer busses.
· Any latency added by a mixer bus return processing will not affect realtime monitoring of tracks that are not sending to the mixer bus.
External hardware devices
· MIDI and audio routing of an external device can be handled on a single track.
· Automatic delay compensation of MIDI and audio latencies.
· Hardware devices and plugins can be routed interchangeably in the track hierarchy.
· Bounce recording allows using a single hardware device on multiple tracks.
VST plugins
· VST 2.4 support including 64-bit double precision processing.
· Unlimited instances supporting multiple IO, multitimbrality and side-chaining.
· MIDI and audio routing of an insert plugin can be handled on a single track.
· Podium comes bundled with two plugins that are the first in a forthcoming zPlugin series developed by Zynewave.
· zPEQ is a 6 band parametric EQ.
· zReverb is an algorithmic reverb with stereo source positioning.
· The zPlugin editors are integrated in the Podium UI.
Audio bounce tracks
· Bounce tracks allows capturing the track audio output and switch between playback of the bounced audio or the child tracks in the bounce group.
· Insert bounce tracks anywhere in the hierarchic track tree.
· Bouncing can be done both by realtime recording and offline rendering.
· The audio events recorded on a bounce track can be moved around like normal sound events.
· Bounced plugins can be unloaded from memory to further save system resources.

Price: 90 Dollar