Ableton - Live 6.0.3 (Pc/Mac/Universal)
Changes from Live 6.0.1 to Live 6.0.3


Context menu in zone editor has two new entries:
- Select all parts with same range
- Reload loops from file

Easier macro-mapping by adding the "Map to Macro .." menu
to each context menu of a device parameter within a group.

Deferred opening of sample files when loading all kind
of documents (Live sets, presets, live clips, ...) which are
saved with Live version 6.0.3 or later.

Prohibit render/freeze/consolidate as long as there are samples decoding
or deferred loading

Several multi-sample import improvements

Several improvements related to scene selection:
- select scene on remote launch
- synchronizing the highlight and selection in more cases
- setting track highlight to return when clicking o a return Slot
- setting track highlight to Master when navigating from slot to scene by arrow

Performance improvement for documents with very large numbers
of midi clips in the arranger

Performance improvement for the loading of Live clips

Crop samples via context menu for for selections in session and arranger

Bug fixes:

Unpacking .alp package files containing audio files without file extensions (like .wav, .aif, ...)
would not work properly or even crash Live.

Exported MIDI clip would also contain muted notes.

Undo for the deletion of a track in solo mode would not work properly.

Live would crash for "Undo delete track" during a track renaming.

Certain presets would crash Live when they loaded with activated KEY or MIDI mapping mode.

Under certain conditions Live could crash when deeply zoomed into a long audio file.

Loading a rack preset containing AU or VST plug-ins which would not be available would lead to a crash.

The check to prevent the creation of frozen files > 2 GB would not work properly.

A problem with the first MIDI note of a MIDI recording, partly described in this thread:

A potential crash when dragging (not loading) a Live set into Live,
where the dragged Live set contains modified compressed audio files. (mp3 files for instance)

For warp master clips that are longer than one loop iteration,
the tempo for the last warp marker was incorrect.

Changing the Arp's 'Gate' parameter value could get the Arp to
go out of sync.

A track volume of -inf would not cut the audio signal.

Certain audio wav files with instrument chunks would not load
in Live.

The MIDI scale device would always "swallow" MIDI notes of pitch 0 & 127.

Changing the min/max value in the mapping browser would not work properly
for certain parameter. (for instance Beat Repeat's "Interval" parameter)

Setting the Phase in several LFO driven devices (Auto Pan for instance)
does not affect the audio while transport is stopped.

Under certain conditions a playing clip would triggered because of
a parameter change.

Arranger recording of unwarped clips would not work properly.

Setting the chance value of the MIDI Random Device to 100% would only
work as 99%.

The choice and scale values of the MIDI Random device would not
be quantized properly to integer values.

Soft-Takeover would not work for 14 bit CC and PitchBend.

Crash when drag'n drop objects from third party VST plug-ins directly
into Live. (for instance when drag a MIDI pattern from FXpansion Guru into Live)

Setting the Arp device to "hold" mode could lead to an unpredictable behavior.

Crash when leaving the MIDI map mode after mapping PitchBend to a clip slot.

Under certain conditions sending MIDI Feedback caused by MIDI mapped value
changes (like parameter automations for instance) could lead to a crash on
multi core/processor machines.

Scrubbing within a clip detail view via mouse move with left button pressed
would not work properly when global record was enabled.

When un-grouping a rack inside a rack, the macro mapping for
the chain selector on the inner rack was cleared.

Hot-Swap button was accidentally disabled if the effect or instrument
device was disabled.

When install upgrade packages, sample files could be
accidentally de-installed.

'Fire selected scene' via MIDI Controller surface would not select
the next scene.

Based on rounding problems there could be a difference between
the value of an absolute MIDI control and the value display of a
Macro mapped to that control.

The 'Return' key could not be used to turn off
Hot-Swap mode when device chain is selected.

Under certain conditions CompressorI could crash when the incoming
audio signal has a very high level.

Loop length modulation for Sampler would not work properly and could
caused a flashing "Red D" under certain conditions.

Endless loop in the Beat Repeat device would not work properly
for a very high tempo. (> 600 bpm)

Sending MIDI Events from Live to a ReWire slave would not work properly
for multiple tracks.

When soloing multiple tracks using learned midi or key, the un-soloing
could keep a single track muted.

Under certain conditions and depending on the routing, deleting of MIDI devices
could result in 'hanging' notes.

Live would not recognize customized the Desktop location. (Win only)

The 'Arm' LED on Mackie Control was not correctly updated when freezing a track.

The Tascam 1082 device did not work properly with the Mackie Control
controller surface script.

When the chain selector was deselected the selection frame would draw gray
corners over the chain selector.

A sample with loop on would crop at the sample end and not at the loop end.

Follow actions would be accidentally stopped after global record was switched off.

Entering Global Groove via keyboard would often ends up in wrong value.

There was a inaccuracy when a value is typed into auto filter's
cutoff frequency field.

MIDI pre-listening would not work for clips that did not contain
an instrument.

The list of live packs in the preferences would not grow,
e.g. after searching for packs on disk.

In Live sets with many internal routings, monitored but
unused audio tracks need more cpu load than in Live 5.

Re-freeze of a clip after an unlinked envelope loop change would
not work properly.

"Ctrl 1..9" keys would no longer work on French keyboards. (Win only)

Dumping the preset to a Behringer BCR or BCF would not work
properly. (Error "Err22")

Under certain conditions the Rubberband selection would not
be visible in midi editor when using the piano keys for track selection.

When closing the video window and then dragging a video clip
around in the arranger, the video window would reopen.

Sampler's morph filter would not work properly
after a sample rate change.

When samples go online or offline some views didn't update correctly.
This could lead to problems playing clips after opening a document.

When loading an AU factory presets into a document, any changes to
the plug in after the preset load would be lost after saving and
reloading the document. (Mac only)

Avoid writing extra junk at the end of sound files, because some sound
editors choke on this.

"Live 6 upholds Ableton's tradition of responding to and respecting our vocal user base while maintaining our vision for the program," says Ableton CEO and co-founder Gerhard Behles. "The results are exciting—Live 6 is our most versatile and powerful version to date. We also spent significant development resources on workflow improvements to make sure Live continues to feel good as the functionality grows." Read more about Ableton Live here.