Alien Connections - ReValver Mk II (Pc/Mac/Universal)


* Windows: VST
* Mac OSX 10.3: VST, AU

Both platforms contain a Live Host, which on Mac uses CoreAudio, and on Windows ASIO, WDM.

ReValver Mk II adds features like:

* Truly advanced valve modeling, with amps and stomp boxes inspired from the original schematics.
* Impulse Response speaker modeling, with hundreds of sampled speakers and cabinets.
* Cabinet stress and speaker distortion.
* Power amp rectifiers and output transformers.
* Import or export your own Impulse Response files.
* VST host module, allows you to insert your favorite VST plug-in right in the ReValver Mk II chain.
* Fully MIDI mappable.

Copy protection

ReValver Mk II is using a fully software based, user mode, copy protection system called awxLM. To purchase ReValver Mk II you must be prepared to lock your license to a selectable hardware / OS component. Changing this component means you will have to regenerate the license. It is taken into consideration that some people change their hardware very often. Nobody should ever be left without the right to use a program already paid for. (If you bought a real guitar amp, would the manufacturer withdraw your right to play?)

The awx License Manager will allow activating your product online or requesting the license file be sent to any amount of email addresses any number of times.

ReValver Mk II to be released mid December 2006
Wed Dec 13, 2006 11:02 am

After almost one full year of development, ReValver MK II is now ready for release! First up is a VST version for Windows, shortly followed by a Mac OSX VST/AU version. A Live host program is included for both platforms.

There are major differences in the way ReValver Mk II and any other guitar amp modeler works. Never before has so much control been given to the user. Most amps are directly modeled after classic amps using their schematics - and almost every component in the amps can be tweaked using a graphical interface! Want to change the plate voltage of one triode? Replace a 12AX7 with a 12AT7? No problem!

This new kind of accuracy requires a minimum of a 1 GHz CPU (x86, PPC) for satisfactory running ReValver Mk II.

Alien Connections wholeheartedly thanks the over 30 guitarists, amp-builders and experts who have helped making this product what it is.